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A new book by a former client

RogerBookCoverMost of us feel lucky to have one successful career. Our friend and former client, Roger McDaniel, has had several: as a legislator, minister and civil servant. Now, he is a published author. The common thread through all of his endeavors is that he takes on difficult and entrenched problems in society.

Roger’s new book is Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins — The Suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt. By uncovering the whole story of Senator Lester Hunt, 50 years after his suicide in his Senate office, Roger brings attention to the historic underpinnings of the struggle of gays and lesbians.

Stay tuned for information about a book signing event in Denver.

In the mean time, go get it on Amazon.

For more perspective, check out the interview with Roger on MSNBC.


Roger McDaniels is a Presbyterian pastor, former Deputy Director for Wyoming Department of Health, distinguished former Wyoming legislator, 1982 Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, former Director of Habitat for Humanity operations in Nicaragua and author.

In his former capacity as Deputy Director for Wyoming Department of Health, Roger was the driving force behind Sukle’s “Where do you draw the line?” campaign to combat substance abuse in Wyoming.