Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

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Bedazzled, gold leggings & angel wings

Cue the “thank you to our sponsors” part of the presentation.

Cue Bette Midler’s, “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

Cue men dressed in bedazzled, gold leggings with angels wings as back up dancers to the co-founder dressed as an angel doing a ballet number.

Welcome to MergeLane Demo Day – a truly, one-of-kind presentation.

So who’s MergeLane? 

They’re a group of three women in Boulder who, in three short years, have built a community that’s focused on providing a platform of resources to advance innovators and startups where there’s at least one women in leadership. Their goal is to change the ratio and give more women-led companies a path to success. They went after it and they’re only getting started.

What’s Demo Day?

MergeLane runs a 12-week accelerator program for startups who have raised less than $5 million in capital. They provide a flexible curriculum with resources and tools that focus on helping companies advance their business or product and leadership. Demo Day, rather than a pitch contest, is a celebration of the startup’s success and traction thus far and where they’re going based on the identified market need. It’s a day to be inspired by creativity and new ideas and supportive of others and the community MergeLane has fostered.

Here are some noteworthy companies to keep an eye on.

tinyhood logo
Parenting for the 21st century. Your 24/7 answer to any and all parenting questions. Experts at your fingertips with tailored responses and feedback for your child.

Tousled logo
Drybar meets Lyft – they come to you for blowouts and beauty services. Doesn’t get easier than that.

spaceishare logo
Airbnb meets Craigslist. Whether you need to store golf clubs, skis, motorcycles or mountain bikes – it’s storage that’s convenient, less expensive and close to home.