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Bike Art Project

With the USA Pro Challenge scheduled to roll through Colorado August 20 – 26, DIA, VISIT DENVER, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and race organizers joined forces for the second year in a row to commission local artists for a temporary, sports-themed art display. Plus Gallery’s Ivar Zeile asked prominent Denver-based artists and non-profit arts organizations to transform 13 bicycles into unique, stand-alone works of art, celebrating a selection of the teams that will compete in the race. The art is finished and will be on display at DIA through the month of August and can be found on top of baggage carousels, located on both the east and west sides of Jeppesen Terminal : Level 5.

The Brief:
12 creative teams commissioned to turn 12 bikes into works of art. Each team was given a bike and assigned a professional cycling team. The creative challenge was to interpret the team, its riders and sponsors in a conceptual manner.

Creative Rationale:
We love bikes. It’s something about the freedom and exhilaration. The candy like coating of shiny paint. The smell of grease and rubber. We enjoy them us much now as we did when the training-wheels first came off. We ride them on the road and on the trail. For exercise, transportation and plain old fun. Bikes are our favorite toys. Radio Shack was the perfect team for us. We were inspired by the cool remote controlled toys we got from them when we were kids. So we decided to turn our USA Pro Cycling Challenge bike into one by packaging it up in a big ole box.

Special thanks to design intern Ross Ahlvin, who provided support on the design side and Tim Sukle, on the fabrication side of things.