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Billboard Battle

Ok, this is great. The first billboard (the small one to the left) is an Audi board that features it’s new A4, and it reads “Your move, BMW.” So what did BMW do? They bought the board next to it, which has a showcases the new 3-series and the headline “Checkmate.” Brilliant. But it’s not over. Then Audi counters with a board next to that one, featuring their ultra-sexy R8 super car with the headline ” Your pawn is no match for our king.” I am guessing the next expected move for BMW would be to place an ad next to that one with a beauty shot of the new, insanely sleek i8 with some sort of “Touché” line. But no, they went blimp with it, showing their F1 car and “Game over.”

Real, real good stuff.