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Sukle Wins 3 at Denver 50 Award Show

We’re happy to announce being recognized for three awards at this year’s Denver 50 Show.

Our Generation Wild TV spot for Great Outdoors Colorado was honored, making it back-to-back years the campaign was awarded.

For Cody Yellowstone, our new identity design took home honors as did our digital video campaign promoting “The Great American Adventure”.

Congrats to our clients and the agency partners who helped bring this to life.


Great Outdoors Colorado
Generation Wild “Click”

Generation Wild is a movement we created on behalf of Great Outdoors Colorado to inspire kids to play outside more often. For the second year of the integrated campaign, we created this TV spot to highlight the fact that parents are quick to buckle their kids in to keep them safe, but they’re not setting their kids free to play very often. “Click” brings to life the fact that there are times for buckles, clips, and straps, and there are times for dirt, sticks, and stinkbugs. This serves as a fresh reminder for us to take a break from the hustle and bustle and set our kids free every once in a while.


Cody Yellowstone

Cody Yellowstone is the original old west town. It was founded in 1901 by the legendary American scout and bison hunter, Buffalo Bill Cody, and with historic saloons on every corner and nightly rodeos, not much has changed since. For the Cody Yellowstone identity, we wanted to honor the town’s history, while giving it a contemporary feel. The custom logotype was inspired by typography used in playbills and posters for the infamous Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and sets the stage for the rugged adventures that you’ll experience when visiting.

Sukle Wins 3 at Denver 50 Award Show Sukle Wins 3 at Denver 50 Award Show Sukle Wins 3 at Denver 50 Award Show Sukle Wins 3 at Denver 50 Award Show


Cody Yellowstone
The Great American Adventure Videos        

There’s only one place that’s home to a highway Teddy Roosevelt once called the fifty most beautiful miles in America. One place with a history museum known as the Smithsonian of the West. One place with scenic Yellowstone National Park right in its backyard. And one place that was founded by the legendary American scout and bison hunter, Buffalo Bill Cody. It’s a place called Cody Yellowstone, and it’s home to The Great American Adventure. We created this series of videos to highlight some of the most impressive features of Cody and give potential visitors a feel for what this authentic western town is all about.


See all of the winners and full credits here.

Generation Wild(er)

Generation Wild is back and has become something bigger than we ever imagined. It’s become a movement that is disrupting the over-scheduled, over-screened and over-protected culture we’ve unintentionally created for our kids. In its first-year it demonstrated measurable success in changing attitudes and behaviors. Over 500 entities across Colorado have stepped up to help change an entire generation of kids. Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) has invested in locally led, youth-engaging coalitions in 15 Generation Wild communities to break down barriers to the outdoors, building new places for recreation, creating outdoor programs to activate those sites, and offering internships and job opportunities in the outdoor field. And on June 21 the Governor proclaimed the first day of summer as Generation Wild Day in the state.

This year’s media campaign will inspire parents to set their kids free and serve up new tips and resources to help them get their kids outside more often. Stay tuned, there’s much more to come.

sukle_goco_jhp-1402 sukle_goco_jhp-1205 GOCO-2018-OOH-MtFuli GOCO-2018-OOH-Swing GOCO-2018-OOH-Wave

Happy Generation Wild Day!

Gov. Hickenlooper made it official: June 21st, the first day of summer, is Generation Wild Day in Colorado. The best way to celebrate is to get outside and play.

Getting kids to play outside is rewarding stuff

IMG_0642We love being able to do awesome work for great clients, and seeing that work recognized by our peers is just icing on the cake. We’re incredibly proud to report that our campaign for Generation Wild won four awards at the OBIES this year. Thank you to the OBIES for the national recognition. And a huge thanks to Great Outdoors Colorado for allowing us to be their partner on this important campaign to change an entire generation of kids.

Our Denver Water campaign is a finalist for the OBIE Hall of Fame

We’re honored that our work for Denver Water is one of only five brands selected as a 2018 finalist for the OBIE Hall of Fame.

If you aren’t familiar with the OBIEs, they award the best work in out-of-home advertising each year. Some of the past Hall of Fame winners include Apple, HBO, ESPN, MINI Cooper, and Absolut. Not too shabby. We’re both honored and humbled to have our little local water utility recognized among so many great brands and iconic campaigns.

Check out some of the work and keep your fingers crossed that we bring home the big enchilada.

A creative Denver Water billboard stands outdoors. Denver Water's creative advertising billboard stands overloooks traffic. A city bench with only a third of its seating encourages you to only use what you need.



Denver 50 honors Sukle with six awards, including Judge’s Choice

Each year the Denver 50 award show recognizes the best branding and advertising work in the state.

We’re proud to share that our work for Great Outdoors Colorado and Irvine Ranch Water District took home six awards in this year’s show. The awarded entries included the Generation Wild website, digital videos and social media campaign, as well as the integrated campaign for Irvine Ranch Water District in Orange County.

“The Denver 50 is a great reminder of all of the incredible work coming out of Denver and Boulder,” agency president Mike Sukle said. “The bar continues to be raised higher each year.”

Thanks to the Denver Ad Club for putting together another great show.

The Fifty 2017 Winners Book_Page_01

Survive the season with our holiday card

Is it just us or does it feel like everything is a controversy these days? From the shape of the earth to bathroom signage, it seems like anything and everything is worth fighting over. So, we created a conversation guide to help our friends get through their holiday celebrations without engaging in a shouting match. Enjoy.

Survive the season with our holiday card Survive the season with our holiday card Survive the season with our holiday card Survive the season with our holiday card Survive the season with our holiday card Survive the season with our holiday card Survive the season with our holiday card

Let us take what’s in your crazy coconut and make it real.

We often find ourselves coming up with outlandish ideas. Ideas that would be either impossible or too expensive to photograph, and wouldn’t look right as watercolor paintings either.

So instead of just throwing in the towel, we did what made the most sense to us. We figured out how to bring our wild ideas to life with the magic of computers. And now, with years of pixel crafting under our belts, we’re offering that capability to our clients. Think of us as your own private production resource.

Need to share a new product prototype with buyers? Or show how incredible your product would look on the shelves inside a retail space? We can help you do that.

Need to make a hippo backflip, but don’t have the budget for a shoot, or a flexible hippo? We can do that.

Need an animation to explain a complex idea in a simple way? We can do that.

Our CGI, Photo Retouching, and Motion Graphics capabilities are the way to make your ideas and brand come alive.

Sound like something you need? Reach out to us and let’s talk about your project.

Digital creative optimization. Why so many syllables and so much confusion?

We’ve all been there. In a meeting or on a call and someone lobs out a term that we’re sort of familiar with, but don’t totally understand. Digital creative optimization is one of those.

Explain it to me in a way that won’t give me an aneurysm.
Using fancy-robot-math to learn which versions of your digital ads are working the best with certain types of people. Then running more of those.

That sounds okay. But should I care?
It helps increase the likelihood that the ads you are running are working with the people you are trying to reach.

It can also help you learn some lessons about what types of messages might be more effective with certain types of people. For example, maybe Millennials aren’t crazy about the idea of booking a test drive of your fancy new car model, but are really into going to your social page to see video reviews.

When does it work the best?
Research has shown that it can increase click-through-performance by 47% and post-click conversions by 69%. But there are certain industries where it is more commonly used: automotive, travel, finance and retail (e-commerce).

Why? These are industries that sell a ton of different stuff. And pricing and promotions are always changing. Which is why dynamic marketing becomes really helpful.

What’s the process like?

  1. Start with your messaging strategy, then build different variants of your ads.
  2. Set up different algorithms to measure the important KPIs of the campaign. Things like conversion rates or social shares are great.
  3. As the campaign launches, the algorithms will track the performance of the different variations against the goal you’ve defined. Once the campaign has run long enough to determine which ones are working best, it automatically increases the frequency of those variations.

What shouldn’t I do?
Start trying to optimize the hell out of everything at once.

Testing multiple ads at once can cause a lot of confusion and make things much more difficult to manage. To avoid making that headache for yourself, start small. Try looking at the impact of a few different message variants on a single audience with one small campaign.

Sukle launches campaign for southern California’s Irvine Ranch Water District

New social marketing campaign targets outdoor watering waste.

Irvine Ranch Water District has a reputation as one of the most innovative water agencies in the country, so when they hired us to create a campaign that helps change the culture around water conservation in Orange County, we couldn’t wait to get started.

After working with their team to analyze water usage data and patterns, we uncovered an opportunity to make a substantial dent in water savings – the fall shoulder months of the outdoor watering season. In southern California temperatures tend to remain high through the fall. For many SoCal residents, this led to a belief that they needed to keep their sprinkler systems running full bore until the weather cools off.

But the reality is that your lawn isn’t affected as much by the temperatures, but by the amount of sunlight and the intensity of it which lessens as the seasons transition into fall. We needed to help people understand that.

To make our point in a memorable way that stuck with customers, we turned the perspective on its head, asking them to see the situation from their lawn’s perspective and dial back the H20.

To make that idea come to life, the solution was simple: blast people in the face with water in slow motion. We cast people with loose cheeks and a high pain tolerance and got to work. Our production team used a combination of leaf blowers and hoses to mimic the effect of what it must feel like to be an overwatered lawn and we had one of our most fun shoot days yet. To make sure everyone in Orange County got the message, we developed specific Spanish, Chinese, and Korean campaign executions and spread it across a variety of media, including cinema, TV, social and targeted digital advertising.