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New Stuff and Inspiration

Creative bike video

By now, most people have been dazzled by the bikesmanship of Danny MacAskill. The guy is truly amazing. But this video really caught our attention for it’s creativity. This is certainly a new angle on bike movies. See more here.


Best use of duct tape ever

This is a pretty neat and inspiring video of a paralyzed woman realizing her dream of surfing. Really cool to be reminded there are good people out there who want to help others. You can support their wave catching here.


hamDo yourself a favor. Go HERE and push the hambutton. HAM!!

Mike Sukle Interview on

In the early days, when we first started working for social good, with NSCD, the Arc and RAAP, we considered Osocio the authoritative voice on social marketing. We still do, many years later. Osocio is an online hub where thinkers from around the globe write about public health efforts and non-profit campaigns. Marc Van Gurp, the founder, has written about Sukle’s Denver Water campaign every year, except one, since the campaign’s inception in 2006. Today, they post an 8-year retrospective of the Denver Water campaign, along with an interview with Mike Sukle, Creative Director and President of Sukle Advertising.


“We’ve always been more interested in the challenge of a problem or the potential of something than the budget or type of industry a client may be in. And we’ve always felt that advertising could be used for good.” —Mike Sukle

Read the whole interview here.

Osocio’s collection of Denver Water work on Pinterest.

We are proud to have Osocio’s ongoing support, and to be included along side the best communicators in the field.

The official Denver Water campaign

DW-HandSanitizer-BT DW-LawnCare DW-Sponge-BT DW-Sprinkler DW-DirtyCar DW-Trees-BT  DW-Dishwasher DW-Dry-BT DW-Irrigation DW-Musk-BT DW-Wipes-BTpsd DW-ChiaIf you live in Denver, you know summers are hot and dry, and you know last year was an exceptionally dry year which just worsened our drought status. We rolled into this year with a substantial deficit in our reservoirs, which is never a good thing- we were way behind on water supply and still in the middle of a bad drought. Things were looking really dire and we knew drastic measures were needed. Over the years we’ve asked Denverites to ‘Use Only What You Need,’ and they certainly rose to the challenge. Water savings have been really impressive (thank you, Denver), but this year we need even more from our citizens. We need them to Use Even Less than they need. So, we went with it and asked Denver to do just that, to Use Even Less. Step up to the newest challenge, Denver, we need your help- you’ve proven you’re up for it. Thanks to Denver Water for another fun year working with them.

Smoking kids

We’ve done a good bit of smoking cessation work here at Sukle, so it’s always fun to see something that takes a bit of a new angle. We’ve also seen some horribly shocking videos of kids actually smoking in other developing countries – it was hard to watch. The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF) took this notion and flipped it, much to our pleasure. Kids walked up to smokers, asked for a light and were typically told how bad it was for them and that they shouldn’t do it. Then the kids handed them a ‘quit smoking’ brochure and walked away. Very clever and fun to watch. On top of winning a ton of awards, this thing got a whole lot of Youtube love.

Bike, walk and drive safely.

COD-Bike-Red-14x48 COD-Bike-Yellow-14x48 COD-Ped-Yellow-14x48 COD-Bike-Green-14x48

Car/bike accidents and car/pedestrian accidents have been on a sharp incline in Denver. I don’t think we need to elaborate on why this is not a good thing. There’s a lot of bikers and walkers here at Sukle, so we jumped at the chance to do some ads aimed at helping turn this trend around. There’s just so much stimuli these days, we thought if we could just remind drivers that pedestrians and bikers are always there and hard to see, that they’d pay just a little more attention to watching out for them. And, in turn we’d be doing our part to help keep Denverites safe. These were done in conjunction with the City of Denver.

Sick Time Lapse Vid


This time lapse video is among the awesomest in its genre.

“I love to stargaze. Watching the milky-way float across the sky is one of the most therapeutic experiences I have ever felt. If you haven’t experienced it, then I strongly recommend taking the time to do so.” Michael Shainblum, Director.

Directed: Michael Shainblum
Filmed & Edited: Michael Shainblum

Motion Control: Dynamic Perception

Motion Control: Emotimo

Music: Daft Punk
Track: Daft Punk – The Game Has Changed


bikesWell, it’s summer and that means it’s bike season here in Denver. Some of the most hardcore Denverites will brave the winter on 2 wheels, but once it’s warm the bikes come out in droves, which makes us all happy. There’s always a plethora of bicycles hanging around the shop, and so these illustrations by Minnesota designer Jacob Boie seemed very fitting. Check out his portfolio, there’s some nice stuff in there.

Wood carvings from one single piece of wood

The only comment necessary is to reiterate that this guy carves these out of ONE SINGLE PIECE OF WOOD. Talk about creative vision. These are done by woodcarver John Merrit, and don’t you just love how casually he shows you all this stuff, like it’s no big deal?