Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.


Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration


These hair hats—hats that look like your hair is styled into looking like an animal’s face—by Japanese artist Nagi Noda are at once beautifully executed and retarded. We kinda love them. See them all here.

We've always wanted to do this.


Tired of your phone bill always being higher than you thought it would? Sick of the damn thing ringing all the time? Are you over being ‘reachable’ all the time?

Well, then cook your phone.

Different kind of pod.

Photog Craig Ferguson has taken some cool photos of the strange hotel/pod development in San-zhr in Taiwan. The development was built in the 60’s and eventually abandoned, so the shots have a real post apocalyptic creepy feel to them. Check ’em out.

Cool skates

Usually art is screenprinted onto skateboard decks. While this works well and produces beautiful product, the folks over at Refill magazine have created a project where the art is actually laser cut into the wood. It’s a really interesting way to design boards, and the laser cutting actually provides a relief to the boards that is really unique. 50 boards per artist were produced, and they have some shots of the boards here.

Still looking

Whew. We’ve been SUPER busy around here, and guess what? That means we’ve neglected our precious blog. Sorry bout that, but expect to see a lot of new work up here soon.

So, seeing as how we’re very busy lately, we’re on still on the prowl for some help. Right now we’re especially looking for some talented Account folks, and soon we’ll be looking for other positions as well, so stay tuned. If you’re said Account person and would like to send over your resume, please contact us at

Sometimes logos have subversive meanings.

Thanks to The Egotist for turning us on to this. Needless to say, it’s entertained us quite a bit this morning. It’s the new branding for the UK Office of Governmental Commerce. Hilarious.

Some new work

An identity project we did for a local interior designer. The idea is that the biz cards look like old wallpaper sample chips, and the envelopes were actually made from wallpaper scraps. Very cool. The backs of the biz cards were also laminated with different scraps of wallpaper. We are excited about how nicely they turned out.



These ads for Alka Seltzer are merely a new twist on the ol’ stop-motion-shoot-something-and-it-explodes technique, but we thought close ups of food blowing up was pretty neat-o. Funny, too, it’s an Alka Seltzer they fire thru the food. Check this link for other shots.. 

Better than orange juice.


Yep, fresher than most juices you’ll find in any store: it’s Mouth Juice! Milked straight from the chew hole. We put these bottles around high traffic Wyoming spots, Schools, and on pumps at gas stations in the state. Aside from being real cool and therefore often thefted, they seemed to be a great hit in the state and got folks talking about how nasty the habit of chewing or dipping tobacco is. Just what we were hoping would happen.

St. Jeff E's day


We at Sukle want to celebrate two things today: one, well, obviously, it’s St. Paddy’s Day. Here, here for all our Irish brethren. And, the second reason is we’ve got another new member of the Sukle team!!! We’d love to welcome Jeff Euteneuer to our crew. He’s the newest addition to our Art Director arsenal, and we’re excited to have him. He’s worked at some great shops, like Factory, and been a part of some real cool work for great brands. So, welcome Jeff, and welcome green champagne. Both were enjoyed liberally this AM instead of status meeting. Gotta love Paddy’s day.