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I'm a designer. Use me better.


I love this speech given by Ben Terrett at the Applied Green conference in London. Ben is a Graphic Designer.

His words are great inspiration for seeing our jobs in a bigger context. And pushing us creative thinkers to form more equal relationships with business people. We need to use our creative noggins to help clients to not make decisions out of fear. In this speech, he turns fear of climate change into an opportunity to be smarter. If we can stop designing for the hell of it but instead design as a way of thinking, we can earn our place at the table.

In his own words,

“If you ask Porsche about their sustainability policy they will proudly tell you that 60% of all Porsches ever made are still on the road today.

Think about that for a bit.

Now you might think that a gas guzzling 4.8 litre car can never be environmentally friendly, but just think about that stat for a bit. What they’re saying is that 60% of the stuff we’ve made is so desirable, so well put together, so well designed, that people are still using them.

Imagine if 60% of other stuff was still in use. I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy if 60% of the iPods I’d owned were still working.

Imagine if 60% of carrier bags were still being used. Imagine if 60% of computers were still in use today. 60% of food packaging was still in use.

I keep having this thought that the best design minds in history would see Climate Change as an amazing opportunity. Don’t you get the feeling Da Vinci could have knocked up an alternative fuel in his spare time?”

Keep on rockin that shit, Andy.


+++we love you+++
from all of us at sukle

Conservation is a joke. Really.

Anyone who would approve a running toilet with their logo on it must have a sense of humor. Good thing. So we say, bring it on, Westword. They go places where we did not dare (at least publicly). Check out this cartoon titled Worst Case Scenario: Urine Luck!. Conservation used to be goody two-shoes.
Not no more, baby.

Going Guerrilla

I guess someone sent over a link to this blog that deals with guerilla mktg/ads/design since our toilet stunt was on there. But, aside from enjoying seeing something we did on a cool blog, we really liked what we saw on this blog, and got me thinking: One of our recent revelations over at Sukle is that THIS is the future of Advertising and Design. No longer can you just go about your biz creating standard clever print, tv, outdoor and design…, you need to find new ways to engage the viewer. In this age of MILLIONS of messages cluttering your day to day lives, things need to now use the medium to help convey the message, and to also elevate entertainment value. We absolutely love this concept, and have been trying to incorporate it into our way of thinking, and into our executions for a while now, and are really excited to see where it takes us and the whole creative industry as a whole.

Good. It's, well, good.

We at Sukle really love the magazine Good. We’ve read it for a while here, and just dig it’s message as well as it’s really cool info graphic-style design (info graphics rule). And, my buddy over at t2p just hooked me up with a link to the studio in NYC thats doing it, as well as Metropolis and some other radical stuff. They’re called Open. Check them out. They are Good. Ha.

Noodle-master Ross is getting his props.

We’ve always known holmes can rock the pasta, but now he’s gettin’ some props where it counts. This week in NATIONS RESTAURANT NEWS (a major trade rag for people in the food biz) there’s an article featuring executive chef Ross Kamens over at Noodles. We’ve had a great partnership with these guys for years, so we’re always ecstatic to see them getting good press. They deserve it. Keep up the good work Ross.

Gratuitious 'Stache shots.

everyone loves some shots of good staches. I’m linking to this photoset just cause how often do you see a whole photoset dedicated to lip fuzz? Check it.

NFL's new look. I like, mostly, do you?


The NFL has apparently updated their logo. It’s not terribly different, but I like what they’ve done. Seems more modern and hip, and there really was no need for so many stars. The new football logo is better (and supposed to look more like the ball on the Lombardi trophy), too. The only part that bugs me is the type- is it me, or is it strange how the bottoms of the letters remain straight and angular, and the crest is rounded on the corners and the point? Almost like the old type fit better? I do like the new font better, but wonder if it coulda been massaged a little more….what do you think?

PS- logo won’t see use until 2008 draft.

Street graffitti for the populace


We love this idea! Talk bubble stickers were printed and people stuck them all over NYC> the concept called The Bubble Project. There are some truly funny knee slappers on there, as well as some thought provokers. Click the bubble, then paruse the diff categories of bubbles. Good stuff.

Oh, I wish I had a pencil thin mustache…


Not sure who the brains behind an oreo pizza was, but wow. That’s all, just wow. Domino’s pizza is at it again, trying to find some new trans fat laden junk bomb to deliver to your door (god help you’d get off your arse and go actually pick one up). Some of us at Sukle find this unit just hideous, some seem to think it’d be good. I’m sure you can tell where I stand on the thing. Anyway, the old saying goes, “you can’t polish a turd”. Well, guess what? They have! Gool ‘ol C, P+B have made this thing truly funny, and we are issuing props to them. Mustache jokes never get old.

CORRECTION: this one was done by JWT. thx for the comment on that-