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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Gratuitious 'Stache shots.

everyone loves some shots of good staches. I’m linking to this photoset just cause how often do you see a whole photoset dedicated to lip fuzz? Check it.

NFL's new look. I like, mostly, do you?


The NFL has apparently updated their logo. It’s not terribly different, but I like what they’ve done. Seems more modern and hip, and there really was no need for so many stars. The new football logo is better (and supposed to look more like the ball on the Lombardi trophy), too. The only part that bugs me is the type- is it me, or is it strange how the bottoms of the letters remain straight and angular, and the crest is rounded on the corners and the point? Almost like the old type fit better? I do like the new font better, but wonder if it coulda been massaged a little more….what do you think?

PS- logo won’t see use until 2008 draft.

Street graffitti for the populace


We love this idea! Talk bubble stickers were printed and people stuck them all over NYC> the concept called The Bubble Project. There are some truly funny knee slappers on there, as well as some thought provokers. Click the bubble, then paruse the diff categories of bubbles. Good stuff.

Oh, I wish I had a pencil thin mustache…


Not sure who the brains behind an oreo pizza was, but wow. That’s all, just wow. Domino’s pizza is at it again, trying to find some new trans fat laden junk bomb to deliver to your door (god help you’d get off your arse and go actually pick one up). Some of us at Sukle find this unit just hideous, some seem to think it’d be good. I’m sure you can tell where I stand on the thing. Anyway, the old saying goes, “you can’t polish a turd”. Well, guess what? They have! Gool ‘ol C, P+B have made this thing truly funny, and we are issuing props to them. Mustache jokes never get old.

CORRECTION: this one was done by JWT. thx for the comment on that-

I mean, really?!


To be honest, we’re all sorta baffled at this one, but somehow our toilet stunt at the CSU/CU game was deemed worthy to be stock on Getty Images. Um, not sure how, or when, this type of imagery will come in handy for someone’s campaign, but kudos to Getty for trying. The best part of the image is that I heard the images were up, so I searched “toilet football”. Classic.

Cut paper is much better than paper cuts.

Umm, this is f*%@ing amazing stuff. If you haven’t even checked out Peter Callesen’s cut paper art, wow, you should. This guy takes paper sculpture to the absolute next level, and it all comes from one sheet. You won’t believe this

Things SHE loves.


One of our resident fashionistas has turned us onto the ‘things we love’ section on the Kate Spade site. Now, some of us are all up in the fashion scene, some not, but no matter who you are, this is cool. Lots of random stuff, but put together in a really cool way. Check it out.

And, they have good ads?


We here at Sukle are big fans of the Stella Artoris, this is for sure. And, this summer as I stumbled around Italy, I noticed some really, really sweet posters and ads up in some clandestine, and some not so clandestine, spots for this lovely malt beverage. Unfortunately, I have no pics to show of this (d’oh), but i did pull up this poster. The idea for the campaign was hatched, apparently, by Lowe London in London. But, the design was done by our favs, Aesthetic Apparatus. Man, these guys just keep rocking it. Anyway, will look for some more of them and post- all of ’em I saw were top notch.

live music on the net. neat.

Our buddy Paul Isakson sent me this link today. Cool live vids of some indie sorts of bands.. and all playing ‘informal’ shows out on the street. It’s called Blogotheque, and it’s made by Frenchies. I’m linking you to the English page, assuming most of you aren’t speaking French much these days.

See them here.

kid friendly, not rated aaaaarrrrrrrrrgh!


We recently put some temporary tattoos up on the site we did for Denver Water ( If you haven’t been, go- free UOWYN swag and games and such) and have been getting some mail from folks with them on. Feel free to send them in if you have any shots….. we prefer kid friendly shots, but we will look at anything once.
The tattoos are all spoofs of traditional tattoo themes, only using conservation and water issues as the slogans or concepts. And yes, I know all of you have always wanted that tribal armband tattoo (god, how the ladies adore them), so, we’ve def included one, as well as gothic gangsta letters to go across your stomach. Note, they work best where no hair is growing, so all you wanna be gangstas, pls get a stomach wax before application (yikes!).