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Bike, walk and drive safely.

COD-Bike-Red-14x48 COD-Bike-Yellow-14x48 COD-Ped-Yellow-14x48 COD-Bike-Green-14x48

Car/bike accidents and car/pedestrian accidents have been on a sharp incline in Denver. I don’t think we need to elaborate on why this is not a good thing. There’s a lot of bikers and walkers here at Sukle, so we jumped at the chance to do some ads aimed at helping turn this trend around. There’s just so much stimuli these days, we thought if we could just remind drivers that pedestrians and bikers are always there and hard to see, that they’d pay just a little more attention to watching out for them. And, in turn we’d be doing our part to help keep Denverites safe. These were done in conjunction with the City of Denver.

Sick Time Lapse Vid


This time lapse video is among the awesomest in its genre.

“I love to stargaze. Watching the milky-way float across the sky is one of the most therapeutic experiences I have ever felt. If you haven’t experienced it, then I strongly recommend taking the time to do so.” Michael Shainblum, Director.

Directed: Michael Shainblum
Filmed & Edited: Michael Shainblum

Motion Control: Dynamic Perception

Motion Control: Emotimo

Music: Daft Punk
Track: Daft Punk – The Game Has Changed


bikesWell, it’s summer and that means it’s bike season here in Denver. Some of the most hardcore Denverites will brave the winter on 2 wheels, but once it’s warm the bikes come out in droves, which makes us all happy. There’s always a plethora of bicycles hanging around the shop, and so these illustrations by Minnesota designer Jacob Boie seemed very fitting. Check out his portfolio, there’s some nice stuff in there.

Wood carvings from one single piece of wood

The only comment necessary is to reiterate that this guy carves these out of ONE SINGLE PIECE OF WOOD. Talk about creative vision. These are done by woodcarver John Merrit, and don’t you just love how casually he shows you all this stuff, like it’s no big deal?

These are not photos

enhanced-buzz-16992-1370366522-0enhanced-buzz-20674-1368407061-0enhanced-buzz-17861-1369838960-5enhanced-buzz-31427-1370292077-0enhanced-buzz-483-1370291737-20We stumbled upon a really cool posting on buzzfeed that features 27 stunning works of art you won’t believe aren’t photographs. Really amazing stuff, go check it out and be reminded that there are some very talented humans among us.

One more Kmart

I posted the “Ship my Pants” spot last week, so even though this one isn’t exactly “fresh off the presses,” I felt compelled to post it as well. When I was first informed that these spots existed, well before I saw them on TV, I replied “is Kmart even around still?” That goes to show how far they’ve fallen. So, it makes total sense to come in with some very edgy spots like these, ones people are sure to remember. I mean, who doesn’t like big-ass-savings?

Sukle summer


Here’s a really cool illustration of a bull by Austin graphic designer Erick Montes. This guy has a superb book if you’re looking for some sweet, sweet eye candy. I posted this particular image, though, because this is how we’re steaming into summer over here – like a charging bull. We’ve been absolutely cranking full speed for the last 10-12 months and we’ve officially started renovating our space, which makes us quite excited (aside from the drywall dust in our socks when we get home at night). And, the best part is we’d like to cordially welcome our newest Sukleites, Dana Cohen and Sara Nelson, who will be big additions to the team going forward. Add a dash of summer fun in the mix and you’ve got what we like to call the Sukle-zone.

Festival for Water

516f0a0be4b09cc422db2555.img_assist_custom-480x549 WaterFestIllo1Yay, this weekend is the 2013 Festival For Water — a music festival hosted by Water For People, a Denver non-profit. The goal of the festival is to promote water awareness and conservation, locally in Colorado and worldwide. The festival happens June 9th at Civic Center Park, so head on down and rock out like no one’s business.

Firefly art

yume-2 yume-4 yume-5These are some really neat long exposure photographs taken by photographer Yume Cyan. The photos were taken in the forest around Nagoya City, Japan. By leaving the shutter open at a low aperture Yume is able to capture all the flashes from the lightning bugs, which creates a really beautiful and moody image.


billboards_cmzWe were happy to learn last week that we had two campaigns featured in the Obies this year. The Obie Awards are an industry awards show that celebrates creative excellence in outdoor advertising.

Our “They’re just as excited to see you” campaign for the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was featured as a Silver winner, and last year’s Denver Water campaign was featured as a finalist. We’ve been on a bit of an Obie tear, getting things in there nearly every year, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting to get this news and keep the streak alive. Yay, Suklites!