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New Stuff and Inspiration

Darcel Disappoints

This tumblr blog chronicles small moments in the daily life of Darcel, the egg-shaped alter ego of illustrator Craig Redman. Darcel lives in New York City and his cynical posts reflect what it’s like to live in that sweaty chaotic mess of a town.

Mr. Redman explains that “even though he’s a cartoon character he doesn’t skip down rainbows and chat with butterflies – he finds it hard to wake-up every morning, he lives in a 6 floor walk up, he gets lonely and depressed, just like real life.”

For a simple shape with just one eye, Darcel is shockingly relatable. Check it out.

Bubba's hover

Pretty cool (and creative) way to progress the evolution of the golf cart. For years the design has remained the same, and it takes a forward thinking golfer to buck tradition and come up with a new idea for maneuvering a golf course without damaging the environment. We love free thinkers!

We're famous

We were happy to learn today that our blog was featured on Monitize Pro’s 50 Excellent Ad Agency Blogs Worth Reading. Yay! Thanks for the recognition.

Happy late Easter

I hope those of you with kids took them to see a giant, strange Easter bunny yesterday so they could cry their eyes out and possibly soil themselves or you. See all time creepiest Easter bunny photos HERE. Oh, and if you’re curious about the captions that go along with the photos, the verbal accompaniment with the photo above is: “This bunny’s name is Hopalong Junkpouch.”

Paper sculptures

Here are a few interesting videos about artist Li Hongbo and how he creates his stretchy paper sculptures. Clever use of paper to create stunning art.

We are not scientists

However, we do like science when it ventures into our realm: visual amazingness.

Congrats to Exede


We love working with the world’s greatest clients, and we’re happy to announce that Powered by ViaSat-1 is now officially recognized as the World’s Highest Capacity Communications Satellite with a Guinness World Records title. Nice work, guys.

Caine's Arcade

Well, it’s Friday and we at Sukle get close to another week of hard work. Lately we’ve been extremely busy, and when we are it means we’re cranking out tons of work. And what our jobs revolve around is, simply put, creativity. It doesn’t matter what your role is here, you are required to think creatively on a daily basis, to flex your grey matter. So, it’s no surprise this video really resonated with us. It’s quite a heart warming little watch, and naturally we were all enamored by this little boy and his wonderful little, creative cardboard arcade. What’s even more amazing about this story is part 2: world wide endorsement. This story has inspired a fund to help foster children’s creativity, and seems to be spreading like crazy. We clicked the ‘like’ button on this one.

You need distractions. Cheetos gives you that. And orange fingers.

We know you all need distractions, and Cheetos has so thoughtfully provided you with said attention diverting with their App of Massive Distraction. While we always enjoy being purveyors non-productivity, we must confess we’re really also showing love for our pal Zac Spector. We loved working with him here and are glad to see he’s working JUST as hard out at Goodby (we call this the ‘too many cheetos’ nap):


Choros is a video showing exploring the movement of the human body in the form of a ‘chorus’ of women dancing. Those women are really dancer Terah Maher, shot in 32 repeating instances, and when overlaid they become a beautiful, trippy experience. Choros is the latest experimental art film from director Michael Langan.