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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Wax Tailor

We quite enjoy a good stop motion video, and this video for Wax Tailor‘s “Time to Go,” is a fun little piece. The track is from WT’s new album Dusty Rainbow from the Dark.

Interactive Lexus print ad

Pretty neato. Lexus is calling this “new technology” CinePrint, but it’s really just putting an iPad behind the print ad. Still, it’s one of the cooler automotive print ads we’ve seen in a while.

Hot tug

So, the name sounds a little dirty, we know, but the product is fantastic. Think combo tug boat and hot tub. Amazingness. See more on the site.

This should be a Friday post

You’re hands are busy, you’re doing things, but you have a beer and you don’t know where to set it. Well, thank God, now you can use your belt buckle. Check out The Beer Buckle. It’s the next Snuggie.

Our new transportation to work:

Pretty cool concept- we hope their kickstarter works for them and soon we’ll all be tooling around on these bad boys. They’re green, and FUN.

Cool Dads send their kid's toys to space

We posted something similar to this with a beer in space a while ago, but this one was a little less Ad-y, and made all of the parents here go “awwwwww.”

We got Mike Sukle a kitten shirt for his birthday. Not.

Hanes breaking out the ol’ kitten shirt.

Lensed by Feldman

Some shots from our party last night by the man, the myth, Richard Feldman.

Sausage Party

Thanks to everyone who came by and had fun with us last night. We managed to kill just about every keg, record numbers of tubed meats were consumed, and just about every poster got taken home, so it was a success. See you next year!

How to get to Mars

Pretty amazing animated video about what it took to get the rover on Mars.