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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Poo powered Wifi by Terra

We’re apparently on a bit of a streak posting about domesticated pets (see below), but this idea was pretty neat. Terra, a mexican web portal company, is turning dog poop into free Wifi. They’ve created a device that calculates the weight of the canine fecal parcel and transforms it into free time to surf the interwebs. These nifty machines are placed in 10 parks in Mexico City and aim to urge dog owners to pick up after their pets, while also promoting Terra, of course.

This concept was created by BBDO Mexico. And it smells like poop.

Dog names for Graphic Designers

Well, we’ve sadly had a few of our four-legged furry friends depart lately. It’s been hard. But, that also means we’re in the market for some new animals around these parts. And we all know the hardest part of getting a new dog is finding the perfect name. Thankfully we came across dog names for graphic designers graphic. Maybe we’ll end up with a pooch named Dingbat. Found this graphic here (btw, CMYBacon is a great blog name).

Ever wonder how a 5 year old see logos?

Mile High Youth Corps

We started a program this winter with Metro, and the idea was that we’d partner with a teacher and help find real clients for students to do real work for. The benefit would be mutual- students could create portfolio pieces, and clients with smaller budgets would get some great value on quality work. We would attend some classes and help to mentor the student’s ideas and get a good campaign going.

Then, we had our interns for the spring (the fabulously aforementioned Greg Jesse and Jamie Howe) come in and finish up the production of the “What did you build today” campaign for the Mile High Youth Corps. The idea was to let the public know that MHYC not only helped youths in our community, but that they actually helped to benefit the physical community itself, as well. They plant trees, build trails, help repair homes, create parks- and the list goes on and on. They are building the community, literally.

We think Greg and Jamie did a fantastic job, and we’re quite proud of the work they produced, and are excited to get this work out there- so stay tuned and look for it in your area.

Best Student Portfolio in the Rockies

Let’s hear it for our stellar intern, Greg Jesse.

Greg, a soon to be graduate from Metro, has been a creative intern with us since January. In case you haven’t noticed, Metro has been consistently producing killer talent. Now Greg has raised the bar.

Greg Jesse won “Best Portfolio” at The Review, an annual event organized by Art Directors Club of Denver and AIGA Colorado. We’re not at all surprised he has the best student book around. He’s been a solid contributor at Sukle. With his concepting and design skills, he’s ready to put his mark on whatever comes his way. He gets the Sukle Seal of Approval without hesitation.

The Review provides college art students from the Rocky Mountain region with invaluable feedback from industry pros, as well as a chance at being recognized with an award. The “Best Portfolio” award comes with a $500 scholarship and Adobe CS5.5 Creative Suite.

Greg is humble. Which is why it was so hysterical when he acknowledged quietly, “I’m kind of a big deal.” At 6’11”, we’d agree with you.

Intern Friday!

Oh, it’s not just a lovely late spring Friday. It’s Intern Friday!

What’s Intern Friday, you ask? It’s the wonderful week caboose where we give props to our current intern team. They managed to get a life-sized print out of Jeffe in a very seductive modeling pose printed and hung on the wall for all of us to arrive to today. Kudos on making today comical, you guys.

Our fab intern team is comprised of Greg Jesse and Jamie Howe, by the way. These guys have skills.

Advertising life

Funny tumblr site about advertising life, told in the form of animated .gifs. Check out This Advertising Life. The caption for this image is “When my partner and I strike concept gold.” Awesome.

A personal history of music logos

This is a collection of music logos I found around the house today. Not logos for recorded music, but for musicians. I have always lived with musicians so I’m familiar with their peculiar ways. And they are peculiar.

There is a materialistic side to musicians. They covet stuff. When they get a new guitar, they search the wood grain on the back for anomolies the way a new mother looks for freckles on her newborn. They polish their brass before snuggling it down in a nest of crushed purple velvet, encased in a box that could be thrown to a den of lions and come out just fine. They methodically archive binders of notes, lyrics, chords and set lists; as well as mp3 files, cassette tapes from the high school dance they played at, picks played by famous people, old tye died tshirts too thread bare to wear but soft enough to shine up the Martin.

These are the logos in my house that brand such coveted objects. A personal history of music logos.

Jim Glynn honored

After working closely with him for many years, we just want to say that we’re Jim Glynn fans. Now that we’ve gotten that out in the open, we’re excited to get down to the roasting! Jim is going to be honored by the New Denver Ad Club, and we think there couldn’t be a more deserving person. Deserving of roasting, that is.

So, come down Thursday, May 17th and watch as we razz “Denver’s most notorious copywriter.” Notoriously old. Sorry, we’re just warming up for the event.

Video Puzzle

Firstly, take number 238?! These video/filmmakers have some great dedication, as this video seems like it was quite a pain to make. Clever, though. Nice work on the part of Hollywood-based MysteryGuitarMan, who is responsible for the video of his cover of Fun.’s “We Are Young”.