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New Stuff and Inspiration

Top Five Art Director

Thanks, Denver Egotist, for giving away our secret weapon. Now everybody is going to want a piece. Andy Dutlinger made the Egotist’s list of the top five Art Directors in Colorado. Well, don’t think you can lure him away just by offering him his own cubicle. Anyway, we’ve got him tied up in the basement until this whole thing blows over.

What is it like to work with a Top Five? Let’s just say Andy has a knack for making our clients relevant and interesting to a younger audience. Maybe it’s his penchant to use words that I have to look up in the urban dictionary, or his fascination with moustaches, bikes and bacon, or just plain talent. Either way, he is the source of a continuous output of unexpected ideas that break boundaries. His personal style of cultural curating is on display here on this blog. He is the primary contributor and editor.

We scooped up Andy after we saw the posters he created at Madison House for bands like Keller Williams, The String Cheese Incident, Michael Franti & Spearhead, The Dresden Dolls, Drive-By Truckers, Taj Mahal and a bunch of others. But mostly, he impressed us with the book he put together while at Portfolio Center.

Since his arrival, Andy has become a critical force at Sukle, shaping campaigns for Denver Water, Wyoming Department of Health, AWE (Alliance for Water Efficiency), Unicef and Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard, among others.

Now Andy can add The Denver Egotist to his list of admirers, alongside Communication Arts, Graphis, Archive, Print, Denver 50 and Graphic Design Today.

Okay, so he’s our not-so-secret weapon.

Photo: Richard Feldman

The Road to Work

Our tweet-o-sphere (sukle_IDEAS if you are interested) picked up a mention from Matthew and Kristina (and their dog Addison) who happened to pass by our shop on their creative voyage, Road to Work. Turns out they’re creative types cruising the good old US-of-A for two months and reporting on places that would be fun to work. Cool idea. Hope they have a great trip and manage to land some quality employment out of the deal.

Tupac back from the grave to perform

Technology keeps making things interesting, doesn’t it? At Coachella 2012 Tupac Shakur was embodied in the form of a 3-D hologram performing with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, and it was pretty realistic looking. Neat surprise for the fans at the show.

Baltimore spreads the love

The Baltimore Love Project expresses love by connecting people and communities across Baltimore City through love themed murals.

A few years ago, local artist Michael Owen, developed a design of four hands spelling out the word love. (see above graphic) Now this image will be painted on 20 walls, spread evenly across the communities of Baltimore City. The murals will be identical in regards to content, only ranging in size.

Pizza Hut, keep this overseas

We stumbled across this ad for the UK Pizza Hut, and boy are we confused. Pizza and cheeseburgers? Together?

Controversial Oreo ad

It’s pretty common knowledge in the Advertising world that ads are created to enter in award shows. They never run, yet they’re entered under the guise that they were. This controversial ad from South Korea helps to make my point, and has a couple major flaws: an exposed nipple and it was never meant for public distribution.

The best part? The tag line: “Milk’s favorite cookie.”

They say any PR is good PR, and Cheil Worldwide is certainly getting some PR from this. They’re the agency associated with the ad, although a representative from Kraft, who owns Nabisco, who produces Oreos, claims they have nothing to do with the ad and that it’s not ever been run. “Our understanding is that they created it for use at an isolated advertising awards forum in Korea,” the Kraft official said. “It was never intended for consumer advertising or public distribution.”

Mike D curates Transmissions LA: AV Club.

He raps. He rhymes. He curates art. He’s Mike D!

Famous for his Beastie Boys exploits, Mike D puts on a different hat to head up Mercedes Benz’s Avant/Garde Diaries festival. The show is being called Transmissions LA: AV Club, and it’s a wild sensory ride.  He’s invited an assortment of talented contemporary artists to wow viewers with art and food. If we were in LA, we’d be checking this out, for sure.

Elliot versus the Pawbender


Our newest Suklite, Elliot the Cavachon, has decidedly attacked a Pawbender from Good Times, and dominated it’s deliciousness.

That's so web 1.0

This is a hysterical collection of animated gifs from way back, you know, a couple years ago. That’s makes it retro in web years. By Evan Roth.

Story telling via Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Since, as advertisers, we’re in the business of telling stories, this video clip with Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of Southpark) teaching a Storytelling Strategy class at NYU has some crossover appeal. Sure, we’re focusing on conveying a Brand story, versus Cartman interacting with a personified towel, but some of the things they’ve figured out are universally on-point. I hereby apologize that is not allowing embedding- but click here and you can go watch the video we speak of.