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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

SnapTag. The QR code has evolved.

SpyderLynk, a denver based technology company, approached us to design the website for their banner product, SnapTag. If you’re not familiar, a SnapTag is a brand logo or icon surrounded by a code ring. Kinda like a QR code, but way more attractive and far more sophisticated.

You may remember the SnapTag from the launch of Colorado Native beer a few years back. Or seen the Bud Light Fan Experience tv spot featuring SnapTags. An impressive list of brands have licensed the technology for their mobile campaigns. Orbit Gum, hp, Coke Zero, Toyota and Sony Pictures to name a few.

Our job was to explain the technology to newbies, brand managers and advanced mobile marketers. We took hints from the visual language of the mobile world to convey the idea. See it here.

Nest Thermostat learns how you like it

Cool animation done by our buddies over at Teak in SF for Nest. This thermostat is really cool, and seems like Apple designed it in it’s sleekness. Looking forward to when it’s standard issue to have one of these beauties in every home.

Welcome to The Anthropocene Age

“Some scientists think this epoch of human influence deserves its own geologic name, like the Pliestocene or the Pliocene. In 2000, the Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen proposed calling it the Anthropocene. Next summer, the International Commission on Stratigraphy may make that label official.”

This post is quoted from, a unique url for Fast Company’s “Ethonomics” content, expanded to include “world changing and innovative solutions.” It has edgy content, it’s gorgeous, and fun to navigate. I’m always on the lookout for websites that cover planetary issues in a fresh way. This one is only a month old, but so far, I’m a fan.

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Just a little bit of happy to end the day

It seems like every news story is lashed to a horrendous punchline these days. Rarely is there a bright spot amidst the pallor of today’s societal behaviors. Cheating, crime and molestation seems to permeate our news channels, and it’s grown tiresome. So, this short movie felt like a nice entrance into the Christmas season, and sweet contradiction to our current state of affairs. Sure, the beginning of the movie has you thinking you’re about to see a poor, bedraggled homeless man struggling to survive. But, oh how it nicely surprises.

Nothing like an unexpected twist to make a message sing, and be memorable. And this message will hopefully be the one folks choose this holiday season. Pay it forward, people.

Change for a Dollar was written and directed by Sharon Wright, with director of photography/editor Kendal Sinn, and composer Christopher Komsthoeft. It has won Best Short Film at Maryville Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at Gateway Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at Moonlight Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Female Filmmaker Award — Action On Film Intl Film Festival, Sirrocco Award at Action On Film Intl Film Festival, and Best Silent Film at BareBones Intl Film Festival.

Can the internet create a new sport?!

It created planking, which is obviously not REALLY a sport. But it seems like every time you open up your email browser you get an link to some new thing someone’s created, and suddenly BAM, a new internet meme (and occasionally sport) is born.

Lets see if urban skiing takes off. This video was certainly shot nicely, but maybe it was just some skiing film makers jonesing for some turns and these were the best ones available? Either way, be on the lookout for urban skiiers.

Once again, we stuff our faces.

We’re back from all of our respective holidays. There were treks across the country, the state and the city. All of them following the rainbow that ends in the pot of turkey.

This year some of us wanted to document the goodness that is a thanksgiving day plate, and as a bit of an experiment, see how similar they would be. Not surprisingly we ended up with a fairly consistent hue of beige, sprinkled with the occasional color.

Holidays, cultures, food and religion all vary from region to region across the globe. Different things resonante with different groups of humanity. This is why we have to do lots of immersion research before we know how to approach a new project. But, what we think we’ve learned from these plates is that no matter who you are, and where you’re from, you can appreciate a huge plate of food with people you love. Oh, and maybe a glass of wine to go with it!

Enjoy the Holidays, folks

And you KNOW we love bacon over here, so this is what we’re all cooking for Thanksgiving dinner.

UnHate PR

Benetton has always played the controversial card. Rarely do you even see an article of their clothing in the ads, and frequently there’s a large political bent to the messaging. Sometimes it’s even just based on shock value, and that’s always been the voice of the brand. In some places it seems to work for them. Not so much here, as I remember seeing the stores in all the malls as a kid, and now they are no longer. It makes you wonder if the American public is just more conservative than in other places, and possibly that’s why this advertising tactic didn’t take hold here.

Despite the brand’s popularity in Europe, they still managed to tread on some toes over there, as the Vatican has officially denounced their current UnHate campaign. The particular image they are not pleased with shows the Pope Benedict kissing a top Egyptian imam on the mouth. While the entire campaign is interesting, and seems to speak to a bigger message that we could all wrap our heads, hearts and minds around, possibly some of the imagery is offending to the public and has been withdrawn.

Either way, we’ve always bought into the notion that any PR is good PR. And they’re certainly getting some PR over this stuff. Ask Matt Lauer about it.

Shut out, but not given up

We went to try the new speakeasy down the street the other night (on opening night) and got shut out. Private party. Weak.

So, we’re still curious what this place is all about. We’ve peeked in and there’s definitely a bookshelf that moves to let you through a secret door into the bar. Yes, we’re intrigued. There’s been no confirmation on how this whole moving bookshelf works, but we are REALLY hoping it works with a secret passageway switch like the one above. Here it just turns a light on, but in our minds it makes the bookshelf spin around, like in the movies.

Asics advertising: clever.

This is just cool. And the best part is that it got a lot of potential customer interaction, and seemed to really cut through the visual clutter, which is no easy task in NYC.

This execution is a neat-o fusion of technology, social media and advertising. And, I bet it came in handy late in the race when your body was aching like mad. If I was crazy enough to run a marathon, having my family cheering me on when I needed it most would be pretty amazing.