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iPhone app that lets you be a pilot

Technology is an ever-changing beast, and we all are basking in it’s benefits. Most everyone has a smart phone, and no longer uses it just to make a call or check a message. You can do just about anything from a hand held device. And now, you can fly a helicopter, too.

Griffin, an Apple accessory company, has created a $50 helicopter you can control from your iphone. Wow. Here’s the official write up:

HELO TC is a twin-rotored, indoor helicopter built on a lightweight metal frame with a black polycarbonate body. It comes with a Flight Deck infrared module, which plugs into an iOS device to transmit control signals to the helicopter. Two modes of flight are available: Touch Control, using the Multi-Touch display to control HELO TC’s throttle and joystick; and Tilt to Steer mode, which uses the iOS device’s accelerometers: tilting the iOS device moves the helicopter forward, back, and side to side. The app can record and store up to three Flight Plans so you, or another pilot, can repeat a favorite flight pattern easily.

People taking naps with stuff

Sometimes you just wanna see some interesting pictures of people taking a nap with some stuff. Here you go!

Screenprinting + Letters = Happy Sukle

Wow, someone just sent me a link to this super-cool screenprinted alphabet. We are suckers for type, and for screenprinting here, so of course we love it. Hopefully Mike will buy them all and hang them in the shop.

Done by JP Boneyard Design

You LOL you lose

Cool idea for FRijj, the UK milkshake flavor brand. The idea is that they have to build people’s tolerance to the unexpected, so you’re not knocked flat when you try their new flavors. They use webcam face recognition action, and it even adjusts color for ambient light and skin tone. Viewers are then shown funny fail-type vids from Youtube and challenged not to laugh. You LOL, you lose. Check out

Thumps to the Head, vol.1

In the world of Social Marketing, the behavior of the average American is a subject that we study. The more I learn about this species, the more discouraged I get. And I’m not alone. Joel Makower recently declared that Green Marketing is DeadNMI reports that people won’t buy green products just because they’re green. Ogilvy Earth published a study revealing a huge discrepancy between the professed desire to be green and actual behavior.

It is easy to look at industrial engineers and policy makers as the only people with any hope of making lasting significant change. As Social Marketers, our tools are limited to the hearts and minds of individuals. We work in the gray area where nothing is absolute or definitive. We can’t order anyone to do anything, or hardwire our agenda into people’s lives. In fact, even when we do succeed, it’s difficult to quantify that success. It’s easy to think that our influence pales in comparison to the hard sciences.

Dr. Deneen Vojta, Senior Vice President of the Center for Health Reform & Modernization at United Healthcare, spoke about the exploding instances of diabetes at the LOHAS Forum this summer. She said, “I can administer medical treatments on a large scale, but I am powerless to bring about widespread counseling, education and behavior change. And that’s what we need now.” We like to think that western medicine is incredibly advanced, and it is. But no amount of medical ingenuity can save us from ourselves.

It’s not just true of our bodies, but of our natural resources as well. Peter Gleick, of The Pacific Institute, dedicates his professional life to promoting water conservation. He says that no amount of technical innovation, policy making or dam building will solve our water problems if people don’t care about it.

As a culture, our cleverness has advanced far beyond our emotional IQ. If our job as Social Marketers is to cultivate empathy and self-control, we have a lot of catching up to do. Hard science can only take us so far.

—Katherine Koch
Illustration by Caryn Arredondo

Neato bike lighting

There’s a good bit of bike traffic commuting going on over here at Sukle, and we thought this invention for lighting your bike at night was pretty darned neat.

When you’re stopped the LEDs spread out evenly around the wheel and flash to allow motorists to see you, but when you ride they somehow all group together in one area of the wheel and create a great light source for cars to see you, and also illuminate the road. And they look cool, too!

They are currently on Kickstarter trying to raise money to go into production. My bike told me to support them, and I’m stunned. I had no idea it could talk.


Some skinny jeans with my Ipsum, please.

Next time you’re working on a project and need a little placeholder copy, check out Hipster Ipsum. It made me smile.

Who first milked a cow?

There’s a lot of unanswered questions in this world. One is “Who first milked a cow?” A good question. This spot for a diary plays it up. I’m posting it solely b/c flying ghost cows saying “MMMMilk me” are always entertaining.

Possibly poking fun?

Seems like this L’Oreal video is poking fun at the Julia Roberts airbrushing fiasco, no?

Rayguns are our friends

Stumbled across Raygun52 today (thanks Richard). Looks like they’re collecting a raygun design a week to get 52 aesthetically pleasing designs for some government organization. And, in case you didn’t know, we like rayguns.

Here’s what their site says: “With the recent passage of the 2257 United Sea of Tranquility Arms Control Act, The Company is no longer permitted to contract designers to concept its weaponry. The USoT public has unfortunately decreed that visually pleasing weaponry is to be frowned upon.

However, with the recent discovery of limited time travel and the USoT’s failure to regulate it, we are able to seek help from your time. The Company asks that you create a public forum to collect original concepts for our energy-based weaponry. Without attractive arms, The Company has had a difficult time fulfilling military and civilian arms contracts.”

Ummmm, OK.