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New Stuff and Inspiration

Rayguns are our friends

Stumbled across Raygun52 today (thanks Richard). Looks like they’re collecting a raygun design a week to get 52 aesthetically pleasing designs for some government organization. And, in case you didn’t know, we like rayguns.

Here’s what their site says: “With the recent passage of the 2257 United Sea of Tranquility Arms Control Act, The Company is no longer permitted to contract designers to concept its weaponry. The USoT public has unfortunately decreed that visually pleasing weaponry is to be frowned upon.

However, with the recent discovery of limited time travel and the USoT’s failure to regulate it, we are able to seek help from your time. The Company asks that you create a public forum to collect original concepts for our energy-based weaponry. Without attractive arms, The Company has had a difficult time fulfilling military and civilian arms contracts.”

Ummmm, OK.

Every little boy's dream

Cool kinetic sculpture created by artist Chris Burden. It features 1,200 matchbox cars, and they travel at speeds up to 200mph. It’s nicely filmed, too!

Real close.

Our awesome sauce client, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo invited us down for a day of fun. We’ve all been to a lot of zoos before, San Diego, the Washington, Minnesota, but none are as cool as the CMZ. They’ve figured out ways to let visitors interact with the animals that’s more amazing than a deep fried Twinky. We fed a tigers, hippos, a moose and giraffes. And some of the creatures bonded a little too much with us. The tiger took a special liking to Steve and tried to mark his territory. While feeding the hippo, Michon got melon and hippo backwash right in her face. Another great day in Sukleville.
Thanks for the tour Aunt Jean. You available this weekend?

Mud flow ambient

A very cool ambient installation was done to commemorate the Lusi volcano eruption in Indonesia. It was recreated by Jaringan Advokasi Tambang (JATAM), a mining advocacy network located there. Back in 2006 an earthquake close to a natural gas drilling site triggered a huge volcano mud flow that covered over 10,000 homes. So, these pieces were placed in the road in front of the Idonesian Presidential Palace to remind viewers of the turmoil the mud flow caused in people’s lives. The message was “Bangu korban Lapindo Sidoarjo bangun hidupnya kembali” (English translation: “Help the victims of Sidoarjo mud-flow to build their life back”). Actors even were placed amongst the faux ruins.

The Happy Film

By the looks of this trailer, it seems like acclaimed designer, Stefan Sagmeister, has been spending some time in tropical places! Regardless, you know he’ll have something interesting to say/show in his film, The Happy Film. It’s an experiment to see if a person really can have a meaningful impact on their happiness. Sounds interesting, huh? We can’t wait to see it.


One of the most iconic brands in the country hired Sukle to engage the community in exciting new ways. Most people know Goodwill as a thrift store. A charity that helps struggling people in our community. Well that’s only a small fraction of the story. Goodwill operates incredibly clean and modern retail stores. Their socially responsible business model is a blueprint for corporate America. They are the largest recycler in the country. And their programs drive our economy by helping people enter and succeed in the workforce. In Denver alone, they assist more than 30,000 people.
That’s their story. And we believe it’s all part of the Goodwill Effect. The ultimate socially responsible retailer has an exciting story to tell and we’re just beginning to tell it. Their story and our creativity will shift the way people think about this business. It will engage a entirely new consumer to shop there. It will drive donations which will in turn fund the programs that help drive our economy. Stay tuned.


Neat video showing a time lapse of an artist in Brooklyn named Holton Rower and how he creates his series of paintings he calls “Pour.”

Meat socks

I’d wear ’em. You can too, get ’em here.

Inspiration is everywhere

The Academia Brasileira de Artes (ABRA) is one of the foremost schools for design in Brazil. DDB Brazil created this sticker to look like a poster so that it could be stuck anywhere, letting folks know that inspiration comes from just all around you. Items from everyday life become the backdrop of this clever campaign.

Sharpies + CNC machine = cool posters

We’ve featured some art from this guy, Matt W. Moore, before.  He’s quite prolific and does cool stuff. But what is interesting in this project is the fact that a CNC machine drew vector art onto paper, creating prints with a machine and a marker. Interesting take on creating prints of art.