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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Looking back on how talking dolphins were funny then…

and are still funny today. I love it when old ads are still good many years later.

Umbro Blackout.

Great animation in this short film promoting Umbro’s New York Cosmos Blackout Collection. The film is about Brazilian soccer star Carlos Alberto Torres’ arrival in America to sign his contract with the Cosmos on July 13, 1977, the day of the infamous 1977 Blackout. It’s done, very fittingly, in constrasty black and white, with a great animation style. Watch and enjoy.

Absolute Blank

Absolute is running an integrated campaign featuring a gaggle of famous installation artists of varying styles. The main message/tagline is “It all starts with an Absolute Blank.” The work blends print, interactive, digital and installation mediums to create some interesting pieces. The campaign launched in the UK last week.

“In ABSOLUT BLANK, ABSOLUT has boldly made its iconic bottle into a blank canvas to inspire artists throughout the world to collaborate and fill it with creativity. We brought together creative collaborators from a variety of disciplines and watched the journey from pure white canvas to exceptional pieces of art. The result depicts how artists and creativity are inspired through ABSOLUT,” says Mark Hamilton, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company.


We at Sukle kind of love anything that is letterpressed. Call it an unhealthy obsession, if you will. And, we think that whiskey doesn’t suck, as well. So, naturally we enjoyed this video showing Yee Haw Industries creating some iconic letterpressed posters for the American whiskey-maker Jack Daniels. The adding of whiskey to the black ink in lieu of water to thin it out some was especially neat-o.

Chip Shop Awards – A little comedy for your day.

Working in advertising is always and act of balance. You create ideas that you think are great, but your client also has to think they’re great for them to move forward. Then, you have to grapple with budget. Can you afford to shoot it, can you afford the stock photo, can you get a licensed image?

For a break from the rigors of typical advertising, there’s the Chip Shop Awards. For all of you out there that have ideas that come to you randomly that you think “wow, this would be great for _______,” here’s your chance to actually do it. The Chip Shop Awards are an advertising industry event famed for having no rules. The work needs not to have run, the agency need not represent the actual clients, and the work need not comply with any of the standard industry regulations. But what it needs to be is great and off the wall. And public voting for these works occurs here:

Here are some entries from this year:

Only on the right occasion

Liking the new Heineken Light stuff coming out of  W+K. In these spots they’re looking at when bold fashion statements are appropriate. And since the hipster market is prone to a handlebar ‘stache or two, I’m betting these ads might have them sipping a Heine Light or two as well. Good stuff.

More Rube

We’ve all seen plenty of Rube Goldberg vids, but this one was pretty cool, as it looks like the crew in this shop really built a lot of this by hand (it’s not all glossy-sexy like most of these vids we see- this one’s replete with cardboard, string and duct tape). Led by 2D Photography director David Dvir, the crew creates a great 4 minute video showing how they take their portraits.

A little irony for your friday:

Good Stuff.

3D poster

Not sure what the idea or reasoning is for the horse image, but it’s super cool, nonetheless. Don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before – certainly an interesting use of the poster medium. The posters are for a band called Dry the River, and each horse took 35 hours to build. Here’s a making-of video showing them being constructed:

Color house

When we finish TV spots we go to a color house to get the color just right. I wish they looked like this place.

(This house is in Bolivia, fyi)