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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration


We work in the creative industry. We appreciate things made by humans, not machines. We love original pieces of art and craft. Therefore, we enjoy, where everything is handmade. However, not all items listed on said website are of quality construction, or even well conceived. Frankly, many are downright comical. And thankfully our friends over at have created a site dedicated to collecting some of the ridiculous items posted for sale. Man, it’s hard to believe that people think some of this stuff is worthy of sale. Check it out for comic relief.

Appearances can help sell

When shopping, people tend to go with the deal that suits their budget or purpose. We’re on that life-long hunt for the “best deal”. When consuming beers in the stadium, we typically opt for the bigger beer, figuring paying the extra dollar or so allows for a better cost of beer-per-dollar ratio than in the small cup. Well, if you live in Seattle and are watching the Seahawks play live, their marketing personell have pulled a fast one on you, because the small cup and the large cup hold the same amount of beer. As homer would say, “D’oh!”

Great decal for an iphone=

While I’m still torn whether to go get the iPhone 4 or wait for the 5, if I had the 4, I’d be putting this clever decal on it! Good stuff from Photojojo.

We haven't forgotten about you.

Wanted to shout a special gracias to those who sent in trade offers for a Sukle ray gun t-shirt.

Yes, we got them all. Yes, they made our hearts smile. No, we didn’t promptly reply to everyone. It’s not because we don’t love you, but simply that we’ve been engulfed in a tsunami of work lately and no longer contact friends and loved ones, let alone contest winners. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care. We do, deeply.
But fret not—we’ve finally sent out emails to these diligent folks confirming the awardment of said shirt, so look for an email in thy inbox. Thanks humongous for the interest and sorry for our truancy. It’s not you, it’s us. Promise.

Be someone's angel.

This is a neat ambient advertising campaign for the Auckland City Mission, a charity that supports families in need by providing them with the foods that they need. And, at Christmas they are working overtime to make sure that those who are needy are helped out and can, in fact, have their own Christmases. So, to remind the donors how important they are to these families Publicis Mojo Auckland turned people into angels all over town with ambient graphics, stickers and stencils. People were encouraged to shoot themselves in front of the wings and upload them to the Mission’s Facebook page, and then $5 would be donated by a sponsor. Really cool idea. We at Sukle are very fond of innovative ambient + social media ideas like this.

Labels that are tasty. Wine, too.

I wish I could say I knew tons about wines, grapes, vintages, etc. I do not. I simply walk into a wine dispensary and let my eyes do the deciding. Whichever label design catches my eye (within my budget) usually wins. I surmise this is probably the usual tactic for most in the creative industry.

So, this posting on The Coolist was quite fun to scroll through. Lots of great, unique designs here, worth the few minutes it’ll take to look at it.

Organization, yum.

If you like seeing things arranged beautifully, check out Things Organized Neatly. It’s easy on the eyes.

Quit for them

Fact: the average smoker dies 14 years earlier than they should. But rather than rehash well-trodden anti-tobacco creative (albeit damn good creative, mind you) with slightly different executions to let people know the obvious—that cigarettes suck—we went straight after the people cigarettes affected most. And I don’t mean smokers.

See, in a libertarian state of exceedingly independent people who don’t want nobody intervening in their personal decisions, the only way to get a Wyomingite to stop smoking is to let them know that their actions hurt others—more especially, people they care about.

So we asked real Wyoming citizens to be brave and make a personal plea to a loved one who smoked, telling them what they’ll miss about them when they die from smoking.

Because every time someone dies from smoking, they leave behind someone who really misses them. After poring over nearly 12 hours of footage, here’s what we got:








“Miss You”


More awesomeness

Might be a minute or two late on this one, but saw the Heads of State had a new website. Sweet, sweet work graces the pages of said website.

Interns read this:

Calling all potential interns: we at Sukle have been feeling the strains of being busy and are in need of an intern. We’re looking for a creative intern, so if you are creative and would like to be added to the intern wall of fame, please send your book to Looking forward to seeing some books!