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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

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Why dont they?

Hey, ski resorts. Got a question for ya. How come we have to talk to your ‘associates’ when we want to buy a lift ticket? I bet we could really easily and quickly just type in what we want on a screen and swipe a credit card? Seems like it would save everyone time and certainly would save you manpower and employment costs (i.e. more profit). And you’d look oh-so-cutting-edge. Who’s gonna be the first resort take this idea and run with it?

World's most dangerous restaurant.

Alright, so I’ll start this post by saying I’m pretty scared of heights. So, the reality is that I think anyone who ventures up to this restaurant for a free lunch has a lot more fortitude than I could ever muster. Apparently, if you can endure the journey, you can eat for free. The only thing I’d accomplish is losing my lunch. Take a peek at all the images here. Those crazy Chinese.


What a neat concept. You type in your locations, from where you’re mailing your letter to, and it creates an envelope for you to put your letter in. Clever. Read more here.

Kotex says, Break the Cycle

As an advertising professional, I am sadly aware that my profession is ranked just above car salesmen on a scale of trust. Which is why it’s important to celebrate campaigns like this one, that demonstrate the positive power of what we can do. This revolutionary campaign for Kotex takes feminism from angry — to pee-your-pants-hysterical. When a girl gets her period for the first time, it comes on a flood of self-awareness and loss of control. The result can be a deep and nameless embarrassment. This campaign shoots for a full 180˚ — taking the product all the way from embarrassing to cool, but it doesn’t stop there. It goes even further to position the product as an instrument of power, via activism. Yes, we’re talking about tampons. Finally, this category gets some serious attention from the image makers. Why did this take so long?


Bea Arthur, Pizza and Mountains

Yep, that’s it, just Pizza, Bea Arthur and Mountains. Interesting blog in the vein of Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Somehow seemed appropriate for a Friday.

Don't drink and drive

We put these on the driver’s side door handle of cars parked in bar parking lots in Wyoming recently. The idea was to remind the patrons of the bars that they should be getting into the passenger side door, not the driver’s if they’ve been drinking. I know what you’re thinking, and they’re made with low-tack adhesive so they don’t mar the paint or finish on somebody’s nice ride.

A poochstache

It’s not unusual to show up at Sukle to a gaggle of hairy four-leggeds. Folks like to bring their dogs on occasion to hang w/ us whilst we work away on our favorite clients. They seem to enjoy roaming the premises, and we get much enjoyment having them around. However, I believe we could get a lot more enjoyment from them if they all had rather large handlebar mustaches. Que drum roll: Humunga Stache dog toy.

Interesting info graphic

Found this little graphic pretty interesting. It breaks down the traffic to sites on the internet. I guess the ratios of traffic are about what I’d expect, altho it is a little surprising that Adult is about even with Travel and Weather, considering the multi-billion dollar industry that porn is. Saw this at Fast Company.


As if we didn’t already love the Heads of State, now we want to have their babies. Kidding, but we stumbled across their travel poster series and just love ’em. These guys rock!


Whoever thought of this: you are my hero. I am about to institute this immediately.