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Don't drive drunk

GCID-Rodney-BBGCID-Ryan-BBGCID-TYLER-BBGCID-Josh-BBWe had a lot of fun working with the Wyoming Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving to create this campaign. As we delved into the topic of DUIs, we noticed a lot of ad campaigns come in hot and heavy with the “you will kill someone if you drive drunk” approach. Not to belittle this fact, because it’s a very real and dangerous risk, but, as we spoke to younger drivers (those who drive drunk the most), we noticed they were less receptive to scare tactic messaging. All of us have been young, and we all remember that “it’ll never happen to me” mentality that comes along with youth. And, we discovered that within our target demographic, people were more concerned with how a DUI would effect their lives, and therefore more open to behavior change messaging that took that angle. There’s a lot more to a DUI than a night in jail, so we began to tell this story to Wyoming.

We ran these in places where it might speak directly to a potential drunk driver: in bathrooms, billboards they’d be driving by, and small community papers that would be distributed in bars and restaurants.

Photos by Jamie Kripke