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Fastjet brand identity

Fastjet is a low cost airline in Africa. But they are also a rare branding success story to come from that continent. The airline is credited with democratising air travel for African passengers, and their new graphic identity reflects that. “The African Grey parrot is widely considered to be one of the most intelligent birds on the planet. It also is known in African mythology for having the ‘kindest and most generous heart’ — The bird is commonly kept as a family pet and are deeply loved by African people. All perfect connections for Africa’s newest and smarter way to travel.”

The identity is simple but beautiful. Floating concentric circles are anchored by the steady eye of the parrot. The graphic use of gray defines the beloved bird but also makes the connection to technology and machinery. The design is an example of restraint, every element pulls its weight. I can only imagine the joy this brand brings to Africans who are not yet the jaded travelers slumming through U.S. airports. For those still in awe of the magic of air travel,  “Everyone can fly now” is a pretty big deal.

Branding identity and strategy by SomeOne out of London