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From Bauhaus to Target.

Yesterday I went to Target to look for an area rug. Granted, my expectations were pretty low. I was bowled over by the selection. Truly. Right now Target is selling rugs that are clearly designed by hand weavers. Not just your common variety hand weavers, but weavers who are inspired by the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop. That means unique structures, equality of warp and weft, nobby, furry, fibery heaven. The Bauhaus weavers aimed for a balance of durability and aesthetics. They used the loom as a jumping off point to explore the limits of what fabric means. And you can see the offspring of their efforts at Target. This is a big deal. It’s not that often that we can sing the praises of mass commercialization. This is a rare example of how manufacturing can resuscitate long lost cultural arts. Instead of dumbing down, Target is dumbing up.

Everyone is hollering about loss of diversity in corn varieties and tropical frogs. But loss of diversity in weaving structures is something that just doesn’t get much play. This blog post is my small contribution at correcting that.