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Generation Wild Shows How the Outdoors Transforms Kids Back into Kids Again

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone, but it’s taken a real toll on children’s mental health. Instances of anxiety and stress have all been on the rise among kids. In May of 2020, nearly 3 in 10 parents were worried about their child experiencing emotional or mental health harm as an impact of COVID. That number more than doubled in 2021.

Fortunately, time in nature has an incredibly positive effect on children’s mental health, with benefits materializing after just 20 minutes of being outside. 

This year’s Generation Wild campaign, created by Sukle and Futuristic Films, highlights the difference that time outdoors can have for kids and their mental health.

Every parent has witnessed firsthand how stress and anxiety can transform their child from an adorable, sweet kiddo into an unyielding, enraged little monster. The campaign shows that in an unexpected way, helping parents understand what a difference just 20 minutes outside can make.

In addition to TV, social, digital, and outdoor, the campaign also features a great list of 20-minute activities that kids can enjoy all year long. Learn more at