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"Is that there terlit runnin?"

So, we thought it funny (not everyone agrees, Adrants) to create a toilet guy for the Denver Water campaign. Well, funny AND clever. Funny b/c toilet jokes kill it. Every time. Never gets old. And, clever, b/c who better to tell you about your running toilet than a toilet that’s actually running! Enter lifesize commode mascot uniform. I’ve tried this thing on, and boy do I feel sexy.

We’ve had this guy running all over town (CSU/CU game during timeout, Rapids game v Galaxy/Beckham, Road races, Wash park, etc), and at the big events, like major sports events, we have a security guy chase him down and lay a Lynch-inspired lick on him, flushing him to the turf. Then the jumbotron says “stop running toilets”. People are bowled over (sorry, couldn’t resist).

I’ll post some links to blogs covering it: blog
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Stay tuned for video updates soon!!!!!!