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"Let's start with a poem."

I went to hear a talk with the founders of Nature’s Path last week, husband and wife, Arran and Ratana Stephens. The thing that struck me the most is that Arran started the talk by reciting a poem. And he concluded it by singing a song his father wrote. In the advertising world, that just doesn’t happen. Ever. Dozens of business books talk about brand ideals and core values. But when a CEO  shape shifts into a traveling bard before your eyes, that speaks louder than a thousand flow charts on brand positioning by some MBA. For over an hour, he and Ratana bestowed the crowd with words of wisdom. Here are a few I scratched down:

“A success is a failure that never gave up.”

When a reporter asked Arran why he thought he had a chance to compete with the big cereal companies like Kellogg’s and General Mills, he replied with two questions of his own. “Have you heard of Goliath? Have you head of David?”

“If we abide by the bank’s covenants, we do so out of fear. If we abide by our own covenants, we do so out of pride.”

“She can make a nickel scream.”

“GMO stands for God Move Over.”