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Retail isn't dead. It's reincarnating.

State Farm says retail isn’t just for selling. They are using retail space as a platform for learning. The picture above is their new ‘Next Door’ Community Café in Chicago where they offer financial coaching, classes and community space. The public is invited to use the space for anything from teaching yoga classes to open mic nights.  Here’s where the learning part comes in. While State Farm is helping people work toward their financial goals, they are also learning more about what consumers want and need, and how it can help. A research analyst is planted on site and tasked with turning observations into actionable insights for the company. Financial coaches use an iPad app designed to guide conversations with consumers toward a deeper understanding of their unmet needs. In qualitative research, recruiting is usually time-consuming and tricky. The ‘Next Door’ concept takes it right out of the equation.

You can learn more about the how retail is reincarnating in The Future of Retail, published by IDEO.