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A smoking teddy bear goes up against big tobacco in Colorado.


What do you do when you’re being outspent 10 to 1? Well if you’re us, and you’re trying to convince Colorado voters to pass a tobacco tax increase, you unleash a giant stuffed smoking teddy bear into the world.

His name is @SmokingTeddyCO and he represents the Colorado children tobacco companies ruthlessly prey upon. And he’s everywhere. Online, on TV and out and about at different events. And he’s spreading the word that 80% of smokers start as kids and reminding everyone that a tobacco tax increase is the proven way to keep kids from smoking.

And so even though our budget is tiny in comparison, our fully-integrated campaign is making huge waves and resonating with voters across the state, gaining more and more earned media and traction with each new day.

#oktoberfest good. Smoking kids bad. #VoteYesOn72 and keep kids from smoking. #colorado #smokingteddy

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@american_heart @childrenscolo @lungassociation help us get out the vote! #voteyeson72 #smokingteddy #colorado

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