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Sukle takes home three awards at the Denver Fifty

The Denver Fifty honors the fifty best ideas in advertising among Colorado agencies from the past year. We’re proud to announce two wins for our work for Great Outdoors Colorado and a third for The Children’s Museum.

Great Outdoors Colorado – Wilder: A Tale of Love for the Outdoors – Film

We all remember what it was like to be a kid. Endless summer days playing outdoors until mom called us in for dinner. Unfortunately, that’s not what childhood looks like anymore. Today, kids are spending less time outdoors than any other generation in history and it’s not good for them.

But how do you get their busy, overworked parents to stop for a minute and reprioritize their children’s day? We did it by tapping into their memories and tugging on their heartstrings. The result is a short film called Wilder. A Tale of Love for the Outdoors. The film reminds all of us that we’ve become removed from nature and that it’s time to change that.

Great Outdoors Colorado – Discover What’s Out There – Social

Did you know that roly-polies drink from their butts? Yeah, neither did we. That fact made us realize there’s an incredibly entertaining world right outside the front door. So, we created an equally entertaining series of videos to inspire parents and their kids to get off the couch and discover the natural world. The videos reveal interesting facts and make people aware of the amazing awesomeness of nature.

The Children’s Museum – Adventure Forest – Mixed Media

The Children’s Museum was launching a new experiential exhibit called Adventure Forest and wanted to create a buzz prior to opening. The exhibit creates a world designed by artist Wes Sam-Bruce that intertwines humans, plants, animals, water, land and sky. Sam-Bruce created an alphabet and language for his living world.

We used the unusual alphabet to create a campaign that inspired the same curiosity and discovery as the exhibit. Throughout the city mysterious messages appeared on billboards, bus shelters, wallscapes, trains and sidewalks.

Our team worked with Snapchat to create custom augmented reality filters that translated the mysterious messages into English and sent people to the Children’s Museum to experience the real Adventure Forest.