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Lunchmeat Underpants

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We just wanted to say that a few of us Sukloids gathered for the big game to inhale trans fat items and beer, and to watch the game/ads. The superbowl is always a bit of a bittersweet event: it’s the championship, but also the LAST football game for months. So, it’s always sad realizing there’ll be no more weekends of gluttonous TV watching. But, the upside is that you usually see some pretty groundbreaking and entertaining commercials. Seeing as how we like to make ads, this is a big day for us, this Superbowl Sunday.

Well, this year, ad-wise, we rank it a C-. And that’s being nice. The game was great (love seeing Brady eat turf), but the ads let us down. Hardly any were worth remembering, and very few were even funny. For all the millions spent and HUGE agency participation, we were expecting much more. Weak sauce, adworld, weak sauce.