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Smoking kids

We’ve done a good bit of smoking cessation work here at Sukle, so it’s always fun to see something that takes a bit of a new angle. We’ve also seen some horribly shocking videos of kids actually smoking in other developing countries – it was hard to watch. The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF) took this notion and flipped it, much to our pleasure. Kids walked up to smokers, asked for a light and were typically told how bad it was for them and that they shouldn’t do it. Then the kids handed them a ‘quit smoking’ brochure and walked away. Very clever and fun to watch. On top of winning a ton of awards, this thing got a whole lot of Youtube love.

Anti-smoking ads work.

We’ve been working with the Wyoming Department of Health for a few years now and have had the pleasure of working on some fun anti-smoking campaigns. And, we’ve been lucky enough to see good, positive results.

So, we were excited to see this article in AdAge that says smoking ads work. We already believed this, but seeing someone outside our doors saying the same thing made us happy. The article says studies are showing that anti-smoking ads actually work. During this economic downturn, states are not spending as much on anti-smoking ads, and it is hurting the cause. Also, states are able to spend more on a local level, and are interested in creating ads that stand out, while also appealing to a wide audience.