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Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Finger painted awesome

iris-7iris-6iris-3iris-2Check out painter Iris Scott’s finger painting work. Talk bout refining what you think of when you think ‘finger painted art.’ No longer merely a fridge worthy smudge, these pieces are intricate paintings, with amazing layers of movement expressed in many frenetic finger strokes. Iris was painting in field one day, and needed to make an adjustment to some yellow flowers- yet all the brushes were saturated with dark blue paint. She decided to make a quick fix with her fingertip and seems to have found a whole new style for herself in doing so.

Dad of the year

bags-1Parents of the internets, when you see this display of creative parenting, don’t you just experience an interesting dichotomy of emotions? On the one hand, you can envision the kids excitement to open their lunch and see ‘what did Dad draw me today?’ On the other hand, you feel somewhat inadequate for just simply stuffing an unadorned sandwich into your child’s lunch bag.

Graphic designer dad David LaFerriere has been drawing pictures on his children’s sandwich bags since 2008, and thankfully taking pictures of them. There’s over 1,100 of them and you can see them all here on his flickr page.

New book for inspiration

Every now and again you just need something cool to look at, ya know? We like to get new books, look at new art and just be dazzled by the creativity that is being produced in the world today. So today, we bought a tattoo book. For years tattoos represented gangsters, jailbirds, bikers and military men. The art was crude, the subject matter fairly similar. But today tattoo artists have elevated the art form to, well, art. We were blown away by the interesting new styles we saw in the teaser for this book and thought it’d be a great new form of inspiration for us. So we ordered it. Can’t wait to read Forever the New Tattoo.

Light painting skeletons

LA-based artist Darius Twin has taken “light painting” to a new level. Leaving the shutter open for long periods of time, it’s possible to “paint” images into the picture. Obviously, this means lots of trial and error, and also remembering where you’ve painted. Apparently this yields a slim amount of usable images, but these chosen few are really slick.

The images here are all skeleton-based, but there’s other cool stuff on his site.

Super Ugly doodles on his guest checks

What happens when you’re an artist and you have to wait tables to make ends meet? You doodle on your guest checks. We thought these were pretty sweet. Apparently the artist who goes by “Super Ugly” started using his free time on the job to doodle on guest checks, and it caught on with his pals.Talk about taking inspiration from your life and transforming it into creative messaging. Love the clever use of the medium on some of these. Above are few examples, and  you can see more in the Huffington Post article here.

Best street art of 2011

With the popularity of street art growing, the level of talent has also improved quite a bit. Obviously, there’s always Banksy, who almost everyone knows about these days, but there’s all sorts of smart, talented artists you may not know that are out there doing amazing work just around the corner. This post that features the best street art of 2011 is laden with urban gems, from all sorts of different artists. It’s worth spending a moment and checking this out, there’s some real nice work here.

Serious eye candy

This blog is great- it’s like Tumblr on crack. Image after image of neato, creative content. Check out This isn’t Happiness.  Thanks to Richard for the heads up on this one.

Beautifying Denver with a mural by Jolt

Love this new mural. Located at 1099 Osage Street, this thing is cool, and we’re super happy to see folks commissioning public art that’s really cool. Way to spruce up Denver! See more pics here.