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Street Art Utopia

We posted some of the best street art for 2011 earlier and neglected to mention the site we found the post on: Street Art Utopia. We’ve become quite the fans of this site- as it features beautiful and clever street art from around the globe. And no, it’s not just a bunch of Banksy stuff. So check it out, and check back, as they keep adding cool stuff.

Best street art of 2011

With the popularity of street art growing, the level of talent has also improved quite a bit. Obviously, there’s always Banksy, who almost everyone knows about these days, but there’s all sorts of smart, talented artists you may not know that are out there doing amazing work just around the corner. This post that features the best street art of 2011 is laden with urban gems, from all sorts of different artists. It’s worth spending a moment and checking this out, there’s some real nice work here.

Become a street artist with this sketchbook

Introducing a real cool sketch book that allows you to practice your inner-Banksy without having to run from the cops. This neat-o doodle book has 80 pages that feature clean New York walls, instead of blank pages.