Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Congrats to our friends at Noodles & Company

Recently they went public and their stock price promptly doubled.

Our relationship with Noodles & Company started in 1998, when Aaron Kennedy, the founder, hired Sukle to create an engaging brand for his concept. The restaurant chain had just two locations and we were a young agency, hungry to make our mark. We didn’t care that the budgets were small. In fact, their very first noodle doodle ads were created by scanning dried pasta on our flatbed scanner. Over the course of the next 10 years, they grew and we grew with them. Noodles grew from two restaurants to over 200. The budgets got larger and the work better.

Many of our philosophies about marketing, media and brand momentum were developed from working with Aaron and his talented team. It was a great ride. We’ll always be fans of Noodles & Company and wish them continued success.


Noodles-Spread B


Half Tap'd

Half Tap’d will be playing at Moes on 6th and Broadway Friday January 18th from 6pm-8pm. Come on down for some free live music and BBQ. Half Tap’d was born out of the love of a cold beer and listening to jam band and Americana music. They play their favorite songs of Phish, Widespread Panic, The Grateful Dead, Drive By Truckers and many others. Founding member Brandon describes their shows a “Just a group of guys having a good ole time after a long week!”

Brandon Calloway – guitar and vocals

Nate Kirkland – lead guitar

Scott Tedder – percussion

Mike Susek – drums

Bob Koch – bass, harmonica and vocals


Should be a good time, hope to see you all there!!

We like beer. And good design

Lately we’ve tried a few of the Uinta Brewing beers, and we’ve been pleased with them. But we were drawn to them by the label design (of course). It’s great seeing better and better labels behind the glass in the beer cooler these days.

They’ve also got a nifty website as well:

This is how we eat our cereal:

  Yep, we eat our cereal in one of these bowls. Sure, it leaks a little, but we get bacon at the end. Worth it.

Interesting umbrellas

So, it’s finally been really rainy here in Denver. YES! The flora and fauna in the city are finally happy. Even more so, the fires have hopefully been contained because of the downpours, and this will make the people of Colorado happy.

We figured all this rain meant folks had to dust off their umbrellas. And if you don’t own one, well maybe you can find one you like here. We stumbled upon a fun gallery of unique umbrellas, so check ’em out and get yourself a sweet rain deflector.


We like bacon and we like beer. We’d prob like this:

It’s the limited-edition Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale from Oregon craft brewery Rogue Ales and Spirits, and it’s quite intriguing. We’re hoping we can find one this evening at quitting time, to kick the weekend off right!

Drinkify your Friday

Well, we all know a Friday afternoon cocktail is a fabulous way to end a long week. And nothing goes better with frosty booze than a great tune. So go to Drinkify and type in what you’re listening to and see what you should be drinking while you rock out.

We eat less healthy than we think.

Massive Health produced an info graphic, based on data from hundreds of thousands of people who use their Eatery app. It reveals some interesting contradictions in how we perceive what we eat and reality. I like the insight that any restriction at all on your diet makes you think about what you put in your mouth. So consciously defining what you eat increases your health. Via Coexist.

Typography Addiction

I’ve been obsessed with type lately, especially scripts. Thank you, once more, Mr. David Heller for always inspiring us. This new book is just the fix I need. Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design’s Golden Age via Brain Pickings




Deschutes Green Lakes Organic Ale

Well, it’s Friday. And you know that that means? Time for us to enjoy a cold beverage to end the week and to give it a review. Being the homebrew nerds that we are, we love trying new beers. This one’s not completely new to us, but our pub next door has recently put it on tap, so we found it fitting to give ‘er the review spotlight this week.

Firstly, being organic is always a plus for us. The less chemicals in our beer, the better. When you pour the beer you’ll get a decent sized creamy white head, although the retention is not the greatest ever. It pours nice and clear, with a nice faint piney aroma. It has a sweet taste on the front end, then a decent bitter hit on the back end. And, for an amber ale, it’s got a surprising hoppyness. Typically not an amber ale fan, I actually liked this beer, as it’s flavors were much more complex than that of an average amber.

Ok, folks, it’s Friday. Go out and have a beer. And when you do, try one of these Green Lakes.