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Beer labels in motion

tumblr_inline_mmnn1aUY0A1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mpmwpcInlr1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mqe6r1Nyzl1qz4rgpApparently we’re really into animated .gifs today. This tumblr site called Beer Labels in Motion has a bunch more of these gifs which essentially bring the label art to life, which is cool.


This should be a Friday post

You’re hands are busy, you’re doing things, but you have a beer and you don’t know where to set it. Well, thank God, now you can use your belt buckle. Check out The Beer Buckle. It’s the next Snuggie.

Miller Boom Box

Really cool packaging for Miller Genuine Draft beer, in Istanbul, Turkey. Apparently in Turkey, Miller is closely linked with music and has been discovering musical talent as well as producing a large music festival for years, so this Boom Box design makes good sense. And it’s cool looking, too!

American Ninja

For all you armchair ninjas out there there’s these. “American Ninja” is a pair of cement filled Budweiser nun chucks created by Chen Chen and Kai Tsien-Williams.

Deschutes Green Lakes Organic Ale

Well, it’s Friday. And you know that that means? Time for us to enjoy a cold beverage to end the week and to give it a review. Being the homebrew nerds that we are, we love trying new beers. This one’s not completely new to us, but our pub next door has recently put it on tap, so we found it fitting to give ‘er the review spotlight this week.

Firstly, being organic is always a plus for us. The less chemicals in our beer, the better. When you pour the beer you’ll get a decent sized creamy white head, although the retention is not the greatest ever. It pours nice and clear, with a nice faint piney aroma. It has a sweet taste on the front end, then a decent bitter hit on the back end. And, for an amber ale, it’s got a surprising hoppyness. Typically not an amber ale fan, I actually liked this beer, as it’s flavors were much more complex than that of an average amber.

Ok, folks, it’s Friday. Go out and have a beer. And when you do, try one of these Green Lakes.

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Neato. I hope folks had these for their holiday parties this year.