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We're famous

We were happy to learn today that our blog was featured on Monitize Pro’s 50 Excellent Ad Agency Blogs Worth Reading. Yay! Thanks for the recognition.

Every second is a different hexadecimal color.

This is a neat site, called the Colour Clock, where a clock ticks away and as it does, the hexadecimal color changes. Created by the artist Jack Hughes it is “an experimental project that represents the current time as a hexadecimal colour.” Check it out here. 

I pick things up and put them down.

By the looks of the Youtube posting, this spot is not new. But, I’ve just started noticing it on my television perusal lately, and it sure gets stuck in the ol’ noggin. I even heard my wife saying “I lift things up and put them down” to herself the other day. I guess that’s what ads are supposed to do, right? On top of making me chuckle whilst worming it’s way into my brain, the strategy seems right on. There are a whole lot of people out there who would love to go to a gym, only the notion of this muscle bound guy lifting 1 million pounds just to your right seems a little intimidating. The last thing you need is to be even more aware of your spoon-chested, pasty self. So, the notion of a gym for normal folks is a smart message, and seems like it would resonate with a lot of potential customers.


How would you like a friend request from your unborn son?

Yikes. Brazilian condom makers, Olla, are attempting to scare the public into using protection by sending them friend requests from their unborn child. Freaky. Clever, but freaky.

Pantone ornaments are purrrrtttyyy.

Nerd alert!

We’re all nerding out and oogling these Pantone Christmas bauble ornaments. “Why yes, 485C WOULD look nice as an ornament on my tree.”

At least we all know what to get Mike now.

A link for your viewing pleasure.