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Dog names for Graphic Designers

Well, we’ve sadly had a few of our four-legged furry friends depart lately. It’s been hard. But, that also means we’re in the market for some new animals around these parts. And we all know the hardest part of getting a new dog is finding the perfect name. Thankfully we came across dog names for graphic designers graphic. Maybe we’ll end up with a pooch named Dingbat. Found this graphic here (btw, CMYBacon is a great blog name).

Manning Face.

With the interwebs all a-twitter about Peyton Manning and his potential new teams, this would be a good time to show some humorous redesigns for NFL logos. If you’ve not seen Manning Face, then that is where you should start. Much ado has been made about a certain closed mouth look that Peyton and Eli commonly strike, appearing in deep perplexed contemplation, as pictured above.

An internet blogger, who has both his own blog and posts regularly on Something Awful, reworked all the NFL logos to include Manning Face. While the logos are somewhat crudely redone, they are still quite funny. You can see the whole lot of them here, but here’s a few of our favorites:


Ahhh, Swiss modernism. So simple, so elegant, so important to the world of design. This project is one in which a designer named Mike Joyce combines his love of punk music with his love of Swiss design. Check out Swissted if you’d like to see more.

Give a toilet this year

We liked this ad done for Oxfam. Illustrated by the famed Jessica Hische, the campaign is intended to persuade shoppers to give gifts that help those in need, instead of buying the trendy gifts of the holiday season. As expected, the typography is great!

Kern it.

Great site that lets you try your hand at the art of kerning. See if you can score a 100!