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hamDo yourself a favor. Go HERE and push the hambutton. HAM!!

Story telling via Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Since, as advertisers, we’re in the business of telling stories, this video clip with Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of Southpark) teaching a Storytelling Strategy class at NYU has some crossover appeal. Sure, we’re focusing on conveying a Brand story, versus Cartman interacting with a personified towel, but some of the things they’ve figured out are universally on-point. I hereby apologize that is not allowing embedding- but click here and you can go watch the video we speak of.

Cash4Gold? Absolutely.

There’s been lots of claims of companies like Cash4Gold ripping unknowing folks off, giving them paltry sums of compensation for the precious metals sent to them. Needless to say, the advertisements are a little misleading.

So, it was funny to see that someone has attempted to reverse the swindle, to send fake gold in hopes of garnering some payment. I’m guessing the sender had no intentions of actually getting paid, but just acquiring a letter akin to the one above. Now THAT’s some gold. Comedy gold.

For some reason, kittens are just the rage these days.

Everywhere you look there’s something humorous featuring a kitten. And we’ve obviously jumped on the bandwagon (two kitten posts, almost back-to-back). The procatinator site made us laugh. Any time you mix kittens and music it’s a winner to us.