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Video Puzzle

Firstly, take number 238?! These video/filmmakers have some great dedication, as this video seems like it was quite a pain to make. Clever, though. Nice work on the part of Hollywood-based MysteryGuitarMan, who is responsible for the video of his cover of Fun.’s “We Are Young”.

Ok Go Skyscrapers

Always creative, Ok Go releases another music video. They’ve been known for their unique videos, and this one continues the trend. Simpler than most, this one relies on color to keep the viewer interested. We like color. The video is for the track “Skyscrapers”, a track from the album “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.”

Natty Light in space.

Surely this is a Natty-sponsored endeavor, but it’s fun to watch regardless of whether this is a marketing/ad idea or just some guys with a lot of free time on their hands. Love the shots of the can floating way up in the Nattmosphere.

Just a little bit of happy to end the day

It seems like every news story is lashed to a horrendous punchline these days. Rarely is there a bright spot amidst the pallor of today’s societal behaviors. Cheating, crime and molestation seems to permeate our news channels, and it’s grown tiresome. So, this short movie felt like a nice entrance into the Christmas season, and sweet contradiction to our current state of affairs. Sure, the beginning of the movie has you thinking you’re about to see a poor, bedraggled homeless man struggling to survive. But, oh how it nicely surprises.

Nothing like an unexpected twist to make a message sing, and be memorable. And this message will hopefully be the one folks choose this holiday season. Pay it forward, people.

Change for a Dollar was written and directed by Sharon Wright, with director of photography/editor Kendal Sinn, and composer Christopher Komsthoeft. It has won Best Short Film at Maryville Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at Gateway Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at Moonlight Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Female Filmmaker Award — Action On Film Intl Film Festival, Sirrocco Award at Action On Film Intl Film Festival, and Best Silent Film at BareBones Intl Film Festival.