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Friday Wisdom

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From the talented James Victore. Have a great weekend, folks.

Wood carvings from one single piece of wood

The only comment necessary is to reiterate that this guy carves these out of ONE SINGLE PIECE OF WOOD. Talk about creative vision. These are done by woodcarver John Merrit, and don’t you just love how casually he shows you all this stuff, like it’s no big deal?

Firefly art

yume-2 yume-4 yume-5These are some really neat long exposure photographs taken by photographer Yume Cyan. The photos were taken in the forest around Nagoya City, Japan. By leaving the shutter open at a low aperture Yume is able to capture all the flashes from the lightning bugs, which creates a really beautiful and moody image.

Caine's Arcade

Well, it’s Friday and we at Sukle get close to another week of hard work. Lately we’ve been extremely busy, and when we are it means we’re cranking out tons of work. And what our jobs revolve around is, simply put, creativity. It doesn’t matter what your role is here, you are required to think creatively on a daily basis, to flex your grey matter. So, it’s no surprise this video really resonated with us. It’s quite a heart warming little watch, and naturally we were all enamored by this little boy and his wonderful little, creative cardboard arcade. What’s even more amazing about this story is part 2: world wide endorsement. This story has inspired a fund to help foster children’s creativity, and seems to be spreading like crazy. We clicked the ‘like’ button on this one.

Happy clouds

Hey, we know it’s Monday. But if you’re feeling the Monday blues, this video is sure to cheer you up.

“Cloudy” was produced at FriendsWithYou, Miami, by Samual Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III.

Olympic font

While this font and the olympic design has been ‘out there’ for months, after spending an entire weekend glued to olympic coverage, we really got a good look at this stuff. Still can’t say we’re in love with this font, but we are curious what others out there are thinking.

Here’s to hoping that intense exposure to these letter forms over the next few weeks will cause them to grow on us.

Friends take the same picture for 30 years.

These guys have been gathering for 30 years at the same cabin in the woods and taking the same photo, every 5 years. Pretty cool idea. Read the whole backstory here.

Negative space

Some real cool pieces using negative space by Tang Yau Hoong. See more here.

Camp Nectar fruit boxes

Well, we can honestly say this is a new medium to us: fruitvertising. General Brands in Brazil worked on this campaign for Camp Nectar fruit boxes, with Age Isobar, São Paulo, to actually grow fruit in the shape of juice boxes. The idea was to convey that the juice in the boxes was made from real fruit. If nothing else, it’s certainly eye-catching. And, this campaign won a Gold Outdoor Lion, a Bronze Direct Lion, a Silver and Bronze Promo & Activation Lion, so it’s obviously well received by the industry.

Western Union billboards

Pretty cool OOH advertising for Western Union touting their speed in transferring money from one place to another. The campaign won a Gold Outdoor Lion at 2012 Cannes International Festival of Creativity.