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Toilets On Toilet Day

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Seeing as how today is world toilet day, it’s a fitting time to unveil some new work. The assignment was to raise awareness that Denver Water is offering $75 rebates to encourage people to switch to high-efficiency toilets. To promote these rebates, we created long copy bus shelter ads. To make sure people actually read them, we installed toilets right in front of the ads, because we all know toilets and reading are BFFs.


My, how the neighborhood has changed

porchbeerWe used to find Mad Dog 20/20, then Colt 45 on the stoop when we’d come in. Next, it graduated to PBR. Nowadays, this is the kinda stuff we’ll find when we get here in the am. Just a sign of how much this neighborhood has changed in the 12 years we’ve been in this building.


bikesWell, it’s summer and that means it’s bike season here in Denver. Some of the most hardcore Denverites will brave the winter on 2 wheels, but once it’s warm the bikes come out in droves, which makes us all happy. There’s always a plethora of bicycles hanging around the shop, and so these illustrations by Minnesota designer Jacob Boie seemed very fitting. Check out his portfolio, there’s some nice stuff in there.

We're famous

We were happy to learn today that our blog was featured on Monitize Pro’s 50 Excellent Ad Agency Blogs Worth Reading. Yay! Thanks for the recognition.

Super Ugly doodles on his guest checks

What happens when you’re an artist and you have to wait tables to make ends meet? You doodle on your guest checks. We thought these were pretty sweet. Apparently the artist who goes by “Super Ugly” started using his free time on the job to doodle on guest checks, and it caught on with his pals.Talk about taking inspiration from your life and transforming it into creative messaging. Love the clever use of the medium on some of these. Above are few examples, and  you can see more in the Huffington Post article here.

Anti-smoking ads work.

We’ve been working with the Wyoming Department of Health for a few years now and have had the pleasure of working on some fun anti-smoking campaigns. And, we’ve been lucky enough to see good, positive results.

So, we were excited to see this article in AdAge that says smoking ads work. We already believed this, but seeing someone outside our doors saying the same thing made us happy. The article says studies are showing that anti-smoking ads actually work. During this economic downturn, states are not spending as much on anti-smoking ads, and it is hurting the cause. Also, states are able to spend more on a local level, and are interested in creating ads that stand out, while also appealing to a wide audience.