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Street artist Daan Botlek seems to know how advertising creatives feel

DaanStreet artist and illustrator Daan Botlek is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and it almost seems like he gets the game we creatives go through on a daily basis, searching for a fresh insight. We often must shed our preconceived notions and look deep within ourselves, or others, to get to that one great idea that really sings. And sometimes getting there feels like you’ve been flattened by a rock.


bikesWell, it’s summer and that means it’s bike season here in Denver. Some of the most hardcore Denverites will brave the winter on 2 wheels, but once it’s warm the bikes come out in droves, which makes us all happy. There’s always a plethora of bicycles hanging around the shop, and so these illustrations by Minnesota designer Jacob Boie seemed very fitting. Check out his portfolio, there’s some nice stuff in there.

Super Ugly doodles on his guest checks

What happens when you’re an artist and you have to wait tables to make ends meet? You doodle on your guest checks. We thought these were pretty sweet. Apparently the artist who goes by “Super Ugly” started using his free time on the job to doodle on guest checks, and it caught on with his pals.Talk about taking inspiration from your life and transforming it into creative messaging. Love the clever use of the medium on some of these. Above are few examples, and  you can see more in the Huffington Post article here.

Every second is a different hexadecimal color.

This is a neat site, called the Colour Clock, where a clock ticks away and as it does, the hexadecimal color changes. Created by the artist Jack Hughes it is “an experimental project that represents the current time as a hexadecimal colour.” Check it out here. 

Give a toilet this year

We liked this ad done for Oxfam. Illustrated by the famed Jessica Hische, the campaign is intended to persuade shoppers to give gifts that help those in need, instead of buying the trendy gifts of the holiday season. As expected, the typography is great!

How would you like a friend request from your unborn son?

Yikes. Brazilian condom makers, Olla, are attempting to scare the public into using protection by sending them friend requests from their unborn child. Freaky. Clever, but freaky.