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Dog Shaming

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve certainly walked in on something destroyed, defiled or just downright disgusting. Our fine little four-legged friends just can’t restrain themselves sometimes. And a fun little site has been born out of our canine frustrations: Dog Shaming. Dog parents are making little notes when their pooches act up and posting them on the blog. It’s a great little light read if you’re looking for a few chuckles. There’s some funny lines in there, and some even funnier, really guilty looking mongrels.

Dog names for Graphic Designers

Well, we’ve sadly had a few of our four-legged furry friends depart lately. It’s been hard. But, that also means we’re in the market for some new animals around these parts. And we all know the hardest part of getting a new dog is finding the perfect name. Thankfully we came across dog names for graphic designers graphic. Maybe we’ll end up with a pooch named Dingbat. Found this graphic here (btw, CMYBacon is a great blog name).