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Space eye candy

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about space here at Sukle. No, not because we’re all partially alien, but because we have the distinct pleasure of working with Exede, who brings all mankind high speed Internet from space. And when you spend lots of time thinking about something like space, you end up surfing the web looking at all sorts of neat-o space things. This video is evidence of this. Very, very scientific and interesting evidence.

Exede high speed Internet

World meet Brian. Brian meet world. Brian is a quirky alien from space who isn’t quite accustom to the human world just yet. He’s part of our new campaign for Exede High Speed Internet. The parent company ViaSat, hired us to launch the brand in markets across the country.

Exede delivers blazingly fast Internet service to people who have been suffering with slow DSL or archaic dial-up. They do it with the most powerful communications satellite ever launched. Since the product originates from space, it seemed only natural that an actual alien would represent the brand. A kind, generous, cat-loving alien. Take a look. Then send your complaints to