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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

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Sustainability Comes to Cherry Creek Fashion.

We just returned from a lunch shopping bender at Deja Blue in Cherry Creek. Never heard of Deja Blue? Well, it’s Goodwill’s new boutique store, and it features new and lightly used stylish, name brand clothing and accessories. Prices are what you’d expect from Goodwill (that means stupidly cheap), but the store itself looks like any other hip, high-priced boutique in the area. And looks are not all it has in common with it’s neighbors- we noticed all sorts of brand name items that looked new, like Polo, Lucky Brand and Levi’s jeans. There was even a whole rack of high end suits and dress shirts. But our favorite find was the sweet retro jacket reminiscent of the one the “Messenger” wears in the new Progressive ads. If it only fit! So, we had to leave that beaut for the next person- much to our chagrin.

What’s better than scoring high end fashion for super cheap? It’s the notion that by simply shopping or donating, you are making a big difference in our community. Nearly everything earned through Goodwill stores goes to help over 30,000 people a year find and sustain employment right here on the front range. They also help our teenagers prepare and apply for higher education, as well as find scholarships. If that wasn’t enough, Goodwill is the ultimate way to rescue things that still have plenty of life left in them from a landfill.

Suggestion: click this link and check it out for yourself.