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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

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You need distractions. Cheetos gives you that. And orange fingers.

We know you all need distractions, and Cheetos has so thoughtfully provided you with said attention diverting with their App of Massive Distraction. While we always enjoy being purveyors non-productivity, we must confess we’re really also showing love for our pal Zac Spector. We loved working with him here and are glad to see he’s working JUST as hard out at Goodby (we call this the ‘too many cheetos’ nap):

Got Milk, caveboy?–tzNObc

We saw the stink about the last Milk spots being removed after only a short bit of airplay, due to their angering of feminists. We all knew Goodby would return triumphant. And they did. The caveman spot had us in stitches over here, and we love the site as well. I, personally, switched back to real milk in my cereal this morning in homage. Just for the day.