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USA Basketball logo

One thing we’ve picked up on this Olympics is that there is no one set uniform or USA logo guideline. It seems you can wear just about whatever your team or sport has decided. Or whatever your sponsor creates for you. This seems to take away from the unity of Team USA a little bit, but hey, what do we know?

We noticed yesterday that the US did a great job with the basketball uniforms for this Olympics. The chest USA logo is really interesting, and seems to almost infer flight. The type nerds in us really just love that the letter forms are custom. Of course, this creates a little bit of oddness in the widths, and the “U” and “A” could line up with the angles in the “S” a bit better, but overall the geometry of the letter forms play off one another nicely and almost look like an arrow pointing upwards.

The Creative Director of Nike Basketball apparel, Darrin Crescenzi established a design vision for the uniform— a principle Darrin called the “flicker effect,” wherein a single neutral body color is visible while a player is inactive, with a flash of pop color revealed during a defensive stance, dunk or jump shot — inspired by the defensive behaviors of certain wild fish and birds.

When this design was released earlier this year, it was met with lukewarm reception, but compared to most of the other uniforms worn by US athletes, this one seems one of the most cleanly designed ones to us. This one, not so much.

Olympic font

While this font and the olympic design has been ‘out there’ for months, after spending an entire weekend glued to olympic coverage, we really got a good look at this stuff. Still can’t say we’re in love with this font, but we are curious what others out there are thinking.

Here’s to hoping that intense exposure to these letter forms over the next few weeks will cause them to grow on us.