Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

New Stuff and Inspiration

Wood carvings from one single piece of wood

The only comment necessary is to reiterate that this guy carves these out of ONE SINGLE PIECE OF WOOD. Talk about creative vision. These are done by woodcarver John Merrit, and don’t you just love how casually he shows you all this stuff, like it’s no big deal?

Hearts are the window to the soul

And now we give props to one of our own. Bob Koch, husband to Sukle’s very own KC Koch, is filling his free time creating these hand-made sculptures, offering windows to our heart and soul. They’re intended to help you reflect on those you love that are far away. He first was inspired to create these in honor of KC’s dad when he was sick, and now is spreading the love by making more of them and selling them in local shops. If this was Facebook we’d be clicking “like.”

In the words of the artist:
“The heart is a universal symbol of the soul. Our souls look through the windows into our world for sometime but eventually move on to other windows; other worlds.”

You can find these beauties locally at Five Green Boxes, Creator Mundi as well as at his Etsy store.