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Space eye candy

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about space here at Sukle. No, not because we’re all partially alien, but because we have the distinct pleasure of working with Exede, who brings all mankind high speed Internet from space. And when you spend lots of time thinking about something like space, you end up surfing the web looking at all sorts of neat-o space things. This video is evidence of this. Very, very scientific and interesting evidence.

Cool Dads send their kid's toys to space

We posted something similar to this with a beer in space a while ago, but this one was a little less Ad-y, and made all of the parents here go “awwwwww.”

Natty Light in space.

Surely this is a Natty-sponsored endeavor, but it’s fun to watch regardless of whether this is a marketing/ad idea or just some guys with a lot of free time on their hands. Love the shots of the can floating way up in the Nattmosphere.