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The Copenhagen Wheel

If you’ve read this blog in the past, you know we’re bike fans here at Sukle. Whenever we get the chance, many Suklites will bike commute to work. Thankfully, Denver is pretty flat, minus the one hill up the Highlands where we’re located, so it’s a pretty easy ride. However, that hill sure would be less sweat-inducing if we all had Copenhagen wheels!

This invention seems like it might just change the face of bike commuting. You install this device in your wheel and it stores up energy as you pedal and brake, then when you need it, the motor kicks in and helps make pedaling easier. Take THAT, one hill up to Sukle.

Copenhagen Wheels are available at Super Pedestrian, where they are taking pre-orders and even giving a $100 discount to the first folks to order. I think this think might be on a few of our Christmas lists.